Mar. 2nd, 2013

estepheia: (It's only a Movie)
The familiy is off to Stuttgart to dance in a competition. Yay! I grabbed the opportunity to get my nails done, eat out at the steakhouse and spend a free movie ticket on Life of Pi.
Have to say the steak was expensive but not very good. When I order a large rumpsteak I don't expect about a third of the steak to consist of fat. I know, rumpsteaks come with fat on one side, but this one had fat on three. :( And I had been looking forward to my steak for weeks!
Luckily, Life of Pi was worth watching. I never knew what would happen next - which is a rare treat. Beautiful cinematography, very clever story with a neat twist that I honestly didn't see coming, but which made total sense with hindsight. Also, Depardieu's brief cameo was brilliant. Gee, he was revolting! I have a few issues with some of the dialogue which sometimes sounded pompous, but that may have been the synchronization.
We had a really mild day today, even some sunshine. The city was packed with people. Everybody seemed so happy that finally the snow is gone...

As for the rest of the weekend... well, some Fringe, some tidying up, and, hopefully some writing tomorrow. :)


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