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Vacation time, yay! December is always stressful because of 2 family birthdays, so this year I decided to take a week off in January where I can just putter about, maybe write, maybe go through my cupboards and throw stuff away, and generally recuperate. *bounces*
Hubby is currently in Ireland, where he got a first place and a second place at an Irish dance competion. Little Daughter is off skiing on a one-week school trip (double yay) and Daughter One has a boyfriend and is rarely around.
I worked on Broken English, made progress, too, but am still trying to iron out a few kinks. It's a bit like word-Tetris, trying to fit the right utterance into the right context.
I watched Utopia, which is ever so creepy. Brilliant acting.
No new Elementary and no Person of Interest last Friday. *sniffles*
Also, I just found out that Richard Armitage appears in Robin Hood. I gave RH a try a while back and found the hero and his servant so utterly annoying, that I didn't even finish the pilot. I did notice back then that Guy of Guisburne was not just eye candy but also a better actor, but I decided that watching a Robin Hood show just because I like the Guisburne character is not something I want to do - again. I was a great fan of the old Richard Carpenter show Robin of Sherwood - and I enjoyed Guisburne and the Sheriff most (favourite Sheriff quote: "I've got six hangings to attend to on Thursday and my mother is coming for the weekend...). Rooting for the bad guy is a strenuous enterprise. Rooting for the same bad guy when one is 25 years older gives you a sense that you haven't grown up....

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