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Happy Birthday, [profile] sueworld2003
I have to apologize for being so late, but I wanted to give you a story for your birthday, and RL conspired to keep me away from my computer.

Still, the story is finished, and while it is far from my best, I still hope it will give you pleasure. Couldn't think of a better title. Sorry. Also unbeta'd. *cringes*

TITLE:  This Time
PAIRING: Xander & Spike
RATING: 13 (buddy vibe with a bit of slashy subtext)
SPOILERS: Set after AtS S5.

This Time )

ETA: Happy Birthday [personal profile] the_royal_anna!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] kita0610!!!!!


Jan. 24th, 2006 09:40 pm
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] eliade!
I know you've moved on to another fandom, but for me you'll always be - and remain - my favorite S/X author! I wish you all the best and many happy returns, and pretty porny dreams on top.
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It's Tina's 9th birthday party on Friday. Last year we had a Raclette, and a jell-o and custard buffet, and we organized an Irish Dance workshop for the children, this year we have a themed party: Magic.
Tina is allowed to invite 9 friends. We bought little toy owls at IKEA for 99 cents per owl, they will "carry" the invite, an "old" scroll full of magic symbols. The party takes place on Friday the 13th, at 3.13 pm. :-)
The most important activity will be the creation of magic staffs. Hubby just bought 11 broom handles. I have beads, ribbons, pieces of leather, plastic spiders, Christmas decorations, wires and whatnot. I made a magic staff for Tina for Halloween (see pic here - I tried to turn the pic but didn't know how), and it struck me then, that this might be a great activity for her birthday party.

I should probably come up with a few more activities, like a quiz, but my brain is drawing a blank. So, if anyone on my flist has a great idea that ties in with the magic theme, don't hesitate to tell me.
I also haven't decided yet what I'll serve for dinner... Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. In the afternoon I'll serve scones with jam and cream and grated cheese, because Tina likes that, and most kids don't eat expensive cake anyway.

Hubby just took the kids swimming, so I better start writing. I am way behind schedule.
Btw, our shopping trip yesterday? Fun, but disappointing. I bought some cheap jewelry, but every piece of clothing I tried on was too small. I hate outlet stores that don't sell anything larger than L. *crosses H&M off list of stores to frequent*
Hubby and I saw Rumor Has it last night. Cute, but nothing to write home about.


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