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I am so out of practice, when it comes to writing in English, and my memory of the show is getting hazier, but I thought: Let's try a little drabble anyway...
Set during S2.

Earning Giles’s forgiveness was harder than turning lead to gold. Ethan knew, he’d tried both.

Trying to blow Giles after Randall’s funeral had been a mistake, he knew that now, but it’s not like Ethan had had any experience saying sorry. He’d never wanted, never needed anyone’s forgiveness before. He’d considered himself a free man: free to go where chance took him, without looking back.

How do you say you’re sorry to a man who cannot bear the sight of you?

You don’t.

All you can do is treat every punch, every kick, as the caress that might have been.

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Fandom: Firefly, pre-Serenity the Movie
Characters: Shepard Book
Rating: PG
Summary: Christmas is approaching

Out in the black, time is a relative thing. Serenity has her own clock and calendar, just like all the other objects in space, like planets, moons and ships. Course, there’s also Cortex time, but Book ain’t willing to base the observances of his faith on that.
Christmas ain’t about the date, anyway. Christmas is about being part of a community, no matter how small.

Next time Serenity touches down on Persephone, Book will visit Southdown Abbey for fruit and vegetables. Captain may object to prayer and such, but he won’t say no to a feast for all the crew.
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Fandom: Potterverse Winter 1971
Rating: -
Summary: Christmas at Hogwarts
First year
Staying at school over the Christmas holidays isn’t so bad. No shouting, no abuse. Sausages and grilled mushrooms for breakfast and scones with jam for tea.  Not like the scraps he got at home.

And there’s so much to do. He explores drafty corridors, climbs stairs that seem to lead nowhere or wanders through the dank dungeons and cellars underneath the lake. There’s a library full of books and a potions lab that he’s allowed to use.

It’s true, he misses Lucius and some of the other Slytherins, even envies them a little.
But most of all, he misses Lily.
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Fandom: Potterverse Winter 1991
Characters: Albus Dumbledore
Rating: PG
Summary: “Your father left this in my possession before he died.”
Christmas Gift
He hasn’t touched the cloak in years, not since James lent it to him. The fabric feels as soft and silvery as ever, brand-new. Not at all like an artifact of legend. Not at all like an object deserving the name “deathly.”

Would James and Lily have survived, had the cloak been in their possession when Voldemort came to Godric’s Hollow?

How much more heartache until Sibyll’s prediction comes to pass? How many more Christmases for Harry? Already, Albus has grown fond of the boy, but as he writes the accompanying note his hands are steady.
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Fandom: BtVS, post-S4; pre-Chosen
Characters: Mrs. Osborn, Oz
Rating: PG
Summary: Christmas is approaching
The questioning always starts around Thanksgiving and lasts well into December. “Have you heard from Danny? Still in China, is he?” the neighbors ask. And: “Will he be home for Christmas this year?”

Pitying glances, when she answers that no, her son is not in Tibet anymore, and no, he’s not coming. Later, she’ll overhear them at the supermarket. Snatches of conversation like: “A shame. He had such good grades.” –  “Tibet? Isn’t that where all that heroin comes from?”

She never shows them the postcards. “Learning to play the didgeridoo. Oz” the last one said.

At least he’s safe there.
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So. daughter #2 just threw up, therefore I'm not off to dance practice, and the trip to see Madagascar 2 that we had planned for the afternoon got cancelled. Oh well, gives me time to stick on my headphones and listen to music (to drown out the sounds of sqeaky kids' programs on TV) while writing.

I give you an incredibly shmoopy drabble set in the I-Spy-verse, about two or three days after I Spy. I was going to write about Ethan's time in Initiative custody but the story covers that angle already. Maybe I'll write a companion piece about Ethan's scars....

For [ profile] sueworld2003 


„Tell me,“ Ethan said, mapping Spike’s eyebrow with sensitive fingertips. “Did you get this scar before you were turned?”

Spike lay still. “First Slayer I killed nicked my brow. Wound never healed. Later found out her sword was enchanted.”

“What about this one?” Ethan picked up Spike’s left hand to trace the thin scar inside his palm.

“Christmas bauble. I was two. Mother said I never let go. Was lucky none of the tendons got cut.”

Ethan rested his hand on Spike’s heart. “And this?”

Spike hesitated.

“Tell me. I want to know everything about you.”

“Her name was Cecily.”

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I should be setting the table, making dips, shopping, etc, but I had to finish this drabble first (which was very hard to tweak, since it could have easily been turned into a 1000 word fic. Enjoy.

For [ profile] sueworld2003  who asked for Gildes and Spike meeting up post-Chosen

Advent Drabble # 5 - Anniversary


“Got a place to crash?”

He’s standing on Giles’s doormat, huddled under a blanket, emitting wisps of smoke into in a golden November sunrise.

Giles sighs. “Come in.”

Spike smells slightly singed, as he brushes past him.

“How d’you know my address?” Giles moves through the living room to draw the curtains.


“Are you dripping blood on my carpet?”

Another shrug. Spike studies the Thanksgiving cards that adorn the mantelpiece, while Giles eyes the Sainsbury’s carrier that appeared on his sofa.

“Booze,” Spike grins. “And a turkey.”

Giles arches an eyebrow.

“Remember 1999? The Chumash?”

Giles grins. “Vividly.”

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This one is for [ profile] shapinglight who asked for Giles/Ethan, too cold for Christmas. I hopy you like schmoop.

Drabble #4 - Cold

It doesn’t happen often. The dreams are not all nightmares; they don’t always end with Ethan’s blood splattered across the wall. Yet, even the good ones leave Giles aching with regret.

This time, he jerks awake with crimson images scattering like crows. Christmas morning. The house is silent. Maybe he should have accepted Buffy’s invitation.

He ought to get up, give Perceval his extra hay and apples, and a pat on the neck, but in his heart it’s too cold for Christmas.

Suddenly, a blue light sneaks into the bedroom. A locator spell!

“Anybody home? Ripper?”

The cold is gone.

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My third advent drabble (by the way, you can still post prompts, just go back three posts) and my first ever fic in the SCC fandom. I shamelessly stole the first line from the title of a Philip K. Dick novel.
For [ profile] justhuman who asked for Sarah and Cameron, with "choices" as a prompt. Sorry, I kind of lost sight of your initial prompt while tinkering with this. I hope you like it anyway.

Advent Drabble #3 - Moments

Terminators don’t dream of electric sheep. They don’t dream. Period. They’re not distracted by nightmares; they have no subconscious to speak to them in riddles. Instead they’re focussed, goal oriented. Always awake.

Weapons that look like people. Nothing more.

Yet, sometimes I wonder what Cameron is thinking. What goes on in her metal skull, when she – no, it! – stands there, motionless, watching, listening? Are the cogs spinning and turning, tirelessly computing scenarios of destruction? Does it have moments of complete inactivity as long as events do not trigger its programming? Does it have what I can’t have: Moments of peace?

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For [ profile] lynnenne who asked for Spike/Angel, flirting.
This could be set any time you like, but for me it's post Ats S5.

Drabble #2 - Flirt

“Angel! Fancy finding you here!” Spike slips into his booth.

Angel stares at his drink. “Go away! Pretend you don’t know me.”


“’Lo, Sunshine. Buy you a drink? Say, haven’t I seen you before?”



Thud! Something drops to the floor. Suddenly, a boot-less foot is unerringly sneaking up the inside of Angel’s leg, heading for his crotch.

Angel’s breath hitches.

“Now’s the time, cupcake. Either slap me in the face or invite me over for coffee.” Spike’s leer is so bright, it hurts

“Coffee?” Angel squeaks.

“Yeah, alright.” Spike shrugs, but his tongue curls behind gleaming teeth.

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I'm terribly out of practice when it comes to writing drabbles, sorry. Also, it turned out rather morbid. I hope you guys like it anyway.

For [info]petzipellepingo

Spike/William – Victorian Christmas

Advent Drabble #1 - Perfect

Popcorn and cranberry garlands spilling from Dru’s sewing box? A new frock for Miss Edith? Spike knows the signs. 

Who cares if it’s hot outside? That the calendar claims it’s the end of August. The world’s full of fir trees, and for a few quid he can buy a gallon of turkey’s blood and lace it with cinnamon. As for decorations, all he has to do is pick a house and eat the owners. Nine times out of ten, they’ve plenty of Christmas trinkets in the cellar. Their bodies make good decorations, too. A perfect Victorian Christmas for his Princess.

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Not sure why, but I'm in a drabble mood today. The last time I wrote advent drabbles it was 2005 and I never got all of them written, because Christmas stress hit me right between the eyes, but this year I got a lot of shopping done already, so why not give it a try. No promises on my part, except that I'll try.
Plus, I can always try to write the drabbles on the tram when I go to work. :-)

So, give me your prompts: pairing, fandom, a keyword or a line from a poem
possible fandoms: anything Jossverse, CSI (Las Vegas), Merlin (why not), HP, Sarah Connor Chronicles
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Wow, my first piece of fanfic in ages. The fanfic part of my brain feels kinda rusty....

Almost - Spike - R )
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BtVS - Buffy/Spike - PG - Set during S5
For [ profile] awmp - sorry, no snark, just angst. A bit cheesy, I'm afraid.

Home Alone )
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Firefly - Jayne & Book - PG - Spoilers for Serenity
For [ profile] inlovewithnight
(Sorry, [ profile] stakebait, I'm still trying to do yours, I just ran into a complete roadblock with that pairing, and the Spike/Lindsey drabble mutated into a genuine plot bunny...)

Rosemary is for Rememberence )
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Not one of my best drabbles ever, but the whole virus business has me on edge. I hope you'll like it anyway.

Firefly - Mal/Inara - PG - Set after the show but before the movie
For [ profile] kate74

Subtle )
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Ack, I still haven't managed to catch up on my drabbles. I'm trying, though.
Here's one I wrote for everybody who goes awww, when Logan becomes teary-eyed. Including me. God, I'm such a sap.

Veronica Mars - Logan - PG13 - angst, set during Christmas 2006

How the Others Live )
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Better late than never.

AtS - Spike/Angel - PG13 (slash) - post-NFA
For [ profile] synful_trixx

Kiss of Life )
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Sorry about the delay. See previous posts if you need an explanation.
Anyway, the muse just came back. Hope she stays a while.

BtVS - Pandoraverse - PG (slash - set in an alternate S7 in which Spike and Xander are sexually involved)
For [ profile] suesworld2003

Hestia's Charm )
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I'm running a little late today. Sorry.

AtS - Spike - PG
This one is for my anonymous benefactor who gave me paid LJ time. Thanks!

Nostalgia )


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