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As you can all see, I haven't really written a lot during the past month. Hopefully, March will be a better month.

[FIC - WIPs]

x. Lucky (Spike/Angel - AU - NC-17) - Finally complete. Archived here
x. Cherries - Part 1 - Firefly - Mal/Inara - PG13 - Valentine's Day Fluff Fic

[FIC - standalones/drabbles]

x. Drabble: Light - Firefly - Jayne & River - G

[My Recommendations]

x. House-ficlet by [ profile] inlovewithnight
x. Homestead by [ profile] inlovewithnight - Firefly - entire cast, plotty friendship fic
x. Like Describing the Alphabet by Mosca - Firefly - Jayne/Mal, Kaylee/Inara

[Other Stuff]

x. Anya plot-bunny
x. Writing meme where people could ask me questions about my writing.
x. Ten Things Meme - ten things I've done that people on my flist probably haven't.

[Highlights from other Livejournals]

x. FIC: Resistance is useless - Anya/Tara - by [ profile] missmurchison
x. FIC: Emerging - post-NFA S/X donation story by [ profile] eliade
x. Discussion: Authorial intent vs interpretation - sparked off by [ profile] kita0610
x. Essay: Of Spike, Rebels and TMI - [ profile] peasant_ wonders if Spike is really a rebel.
x. Essay: Good, bad, whatever - [ profile] beccaelizabeth talks about shades of grey and why she likes Ethan.
x. Essay: [ profile] azdak talks about Jossverse vampires as the cultural Others.
x. Meta: [ profile] makd presents The Fandom Project - Least Favored Plotlines
x. Icons: [ profile] karenbear created the most stunning color/nature icons here.
x. A mother's post about her son and the word 'Fag'
x. Recs: [ profile] makd recommends Spike/Cordelia stories
x. Meme: [ profile] eliade answers questions about her writing.

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[FIC - WIPs]

x. Dealing (Ethan/Lindsey - NC-17) - fic was finished, beta'd and archived.
x. Lucky (Spike/Angel - AU - NC-17) - Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

[FIC - standalones/drabbles]

x. Drabble: Reunion - Spike/Buffy, PG
x. Drabble: On a Dark Desert Highway - Giles/Oz, PG
x. Drabble: Object of Study - Ethan & Riley, PG13
x. Drabble: Solace - Spike/Xander - PG13

[My Recommendations]

x. Untitled Ethan/Spike, NC-17 - written for me by [ profile] wesleysgirl
x. Drabble set Not Quite the Emerald City by [ profile] pinkdormouse (Ethan/Lorne)
x. My Ethan fic recs - list of 8 recommendations
x. The Signs That we Missed by [ profile] redbrickrose - AtS, canon relationships

[Other Stuff]

x. Movie quiz

[Highlights from other Livejournals]

x. FIC: In the Rough - by [ profile] sanpassionne - Spike/Angel Wild West human AU (NC-17) - Part 1, Part 2
x. Ficlet: Spike/Ethan ficlet by [ profile] ladycat777, and another one, also untitled.
x. Ficlet: Dark Spike/Ethan human AU by [ profile] willshenilshe
x. Drabble: Ethan/Lindsey drabble by [ profile] willshenilshe
x. Essay: The Hero of Canton (Jayne Cobb, Firefly) by [ profile] inlovewithnight, posted to [ profile] idol_reflection
x. [ profile] itsabigrock's essaython masterlist
x. FIC: Little Shadow - Spike/Xander by [ profile] witling
x. FIC: Second Hand by [ profile] kita0610, Spike/Connor, R
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I decided it might be a good idea for me to post a list of fic I posted or recommended over the past month. And I'm shamelessly stealing the posting format employed by [ profile] su_herald. So, this is the list for December:

[FIC - WIPs]
x. Dealing (Ethan/Lindsey - NC-17) - 8c, 9a, 9b&c, 9d, 10a
x. Lucky (Spike/Angel - AU - NC-17) Part 1

[FIC - standalones]
x. Catching up - (Spike & Lorne - PG13)
x. Host (Giles/Ethan - R) - Commentary Track

[My Recommendations]
x. S/E drabble by [ profile] willshenilshe (written for me! Yay!)
x. Revenge and Deep Insight by [ profile] beccaelizabeth


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