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My dance club asked me to write a very very short story for a dance competition. Yup, you read that right. A story for a dance competition. When you enter a figure dance (a choreography for 8-16 dancers) in an Irish Dance competition it needs some kind of verbal introduction, a very short story that is read out before the dance begins. It should not exceed 3 or 4 minutes - shorter is probably better. The story, the music and the choreography are supposed to work together. The story needs to have some connection to Ireland or some kind of moral.

Since the figure will be danced by kids aged 10 to 16, I thought it might be nice to emphasise the difference in size/age. I ended up with the idea of writing a few words about the various fairies of Irish legend. Our dance teacher agrees with the chosen theme.

Unfortunately, my English is incredibly rusty. Could someone on my frienslist please take a quick look at my first attempt and point out mistakes? It sounds cheesy, I know, but as far as I can tell, that's the normal tone for such a text....


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Every year, at the beginning of May, there is a Highland Gathering in Peine, a little town, just a thirty minute drive from Braunschweig. For a whole weekend, the air is full of pipe music and smoke from all the BBQ fires, and Scots and Germans march around in kilts, playing pipe music or just having a good time. Tons of grilled sausages and steaks and french fries get washed down by gallons of beer. There are stalls selling pretty celtic jewellry or scented oils, or dozens of different Whiskeys, stalls selling semi-precious stones, crafts stalls, activities for kids, stalls selling Oreos and PG tips, HP sauce and Cadbury's milk chocolate (at staggering prices). And there are dance performances.

Our Irish dance club always performs there. In fact, we have faithful fans, who arrive early just to get a good view. Every year, our dancers are better than the year before. This weekend my little one, Viktoria, had her first hard-shoe performance. And Tina (who likes to be called "Katze" these days, i.e. Cat) danced really really well and smiled. I almost exploded with pride.

For some weird reason, this first weekend in May is usually sunny and bright. Yesterday's weather was picturebook perfect. Sunny with a slight breeze.

What makes this perfect weekend even better, is the fact that some of the dancers' parents got together to form two tug-of-war teams. :-)  Okay, so we didn't practice beforehand, and there weren't many teams competing, and mixed teams had to compete against men's teams, and I had to help out the men's team twice because there were only 7 of them and you need 8 men, and we got annihilated by the favourites, but hey, at the end of the day, our mixed team, with yours truly in it, made first place among the mixed teams. Meaning we got a case full of beer and a little trophy. Hurrah!!! We also got a couple of purple bruises, but hey, who cares? *is happy*

Other good stuff: I got to chat a little with [profile] itsabigrock, whom I hadn't seen online in aaages. I guess I should turn on my instant messenger a little bit more often, because I really enjoy talking to old friends. :-)
*sends happy thoughts*

ETA: Here's a photo album with pictures of the 10th Peine Highland Gathering. And yes, I'm in the tug of war picture. :-) I'm the fourth on the dark-blue side. The white-and-blue fellows probably could have won even with their arms tied behind their backs. They won the tournament, without breaking a sweat. :-)



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