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So. Hubby and I just watched Cabin in the Woods.
Memo to myself: never watch Joss's stuff in German. Somehow the German voices felt wrong. Unfortunately, the movie theatre only showed the German version.
Second memo to myself: do not watch slasher or zombie movies - even if Joss makes them.
I suppose the meta is more fun if one watches the iconic movies of the genre on a regular basis.... I certainly recognized a handful of the references (I watched Evil Dead ages ago, and back then it scared me so much, I actually looked away until friends said it was safe to watch again), but i guess you have to be a fan to enjoy them.
I fail to see the fun in buckets full of blood and I hate character death. Friends lent me their walking Dead DVD but it's still sitting on my shelf, because zombies = scary.
So, CitW was fun, often clever und sometimes surprising, sometimes predictable. I don't regret watching it - but I won't rush out to buy the Bluray. Avengers on the other hand....
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I just read a summary of the Giles storyline in the S8 comics. WTF? Is Joss Whedon nuts????

I always meant to read the comics and therefore avoided spoilers. I stopped reading after Ethan's death (and set about resurrecting him in fanfiction) - and now I'm pretty sure I'll never read the rest.

ETA: Sorry, I'd use spoiler cuts, but somehow I never get them to work properly. I used to have a posting client, that was really useful, but these days I type my entries into my browser and the cut thingie never works like I expect. I suppose I should download a client. Which one do you use?

Fanfic 101

Aug. 11th, 2005 11:08 pm
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A while ago I was asked by my ex-lecturer to give a 45 minute seminar on fanfic and modern technology. He had only very vague ideas about what he wanted me to talk about. In any case I was mightily flattered and started surfing the net for interesting quotes and articles on fan creativity. I also asked [ profile] the_resa_ii for help. She provided me with a great bibliography of books on the subject - which I didn't have time to read, but which I put on my handout anyway, after cross-checking them.

The seminar went very well. I showed fanvids, fan movies, and I also had a slide show featuring fan art, manips, and fan-made comics. I think people were pretty impressed.
Back then, I promised to post the handout of the seminar here. I tried to do it too, but my computer crashed. And then, when the compi was fixed, well, I promptly... forgot.
Okay, I can't post my lecture because I spoke freely, and mostly without notes: about copyright law, and about the fact that there are some stories nobody can own, not even multi-million dollar corporations like Disney, no matter how hard they try (even Disney can't TM Cinderella and many other myths). But hey, I can give you the handout. Please remember that the handout was for literature students with no or very little exposure to online fandom culture...

Modern Technology and the Emergence of a Participatory Culture )
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I am looking for quotes in which Joss Whedon mentions fanfic. I already found this one:
Q: What should fans do now that they’ll have an extra hour free in their schedule?
Joss Whedon: What should they do with that hour? Write fan fic.

I remember there is one where he talks about fans writing erotica based on his show. I just can't find it. I know it exists, I even know that someone on my flist has it as an icon, but I can't find the exact quote or the information where and when he said it.
Help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and while I'm at it, does anyone still have the link to the article on [ profile] thamiris. I remember that a few years ago she was mentioned in an article on fanfiction.

In two weeks I'm a guest speaker in a seminar on Literature and Cultural studies - I will get a time slot of about 30 minutes to talk about new technologies and new formats. One of the students will give a report on fanfic, but I'd like to be able to add to whatever she's saying. I will probably show a fanvid or two, and I'll go on about virtual seasons and the way they are produced, with trailers, interviews and whatnot. :-) I'll also talk about fan movies (*makes mental note to watch 'Revelations'*). I may also show a few manips, but um, not the pornographic ones... I think. :-)


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