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We have tickets for The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain! Wheee! The concert is next month.... Yay!!! *dances like crazy*
We went to see them in January. I can't tell you how much fun their shows are. Great comedy, great music. I simply HAVE give you the links to my favourite youtube clips. For your enjoyment:

Psycho Killer
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (love the moment when Jonty loses it)
Life on Mars (Jonty even looks a bit like Sam Tyler)

They are currently touring the US. A truly brilliant live act! And VERY British.
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We went to our local Irish pub last night (because our dance teacher from Ireland was in town to teach a weekend workshop) and they had a really fabulous singer there who played all kinds of famous cover versions, Johnny Cash, John Denver, U2... He said he has a repertoire of about 400 songs (but joked that he can't always remember all the lyrics).
We stayed until 2 am.... Awesome.
He also played a few songs of his own. Interested? Listen to this.
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Just wondering. Are there any System of a Down fans on my flist? I came across the band years ago, because of a fanvid (actually, that's how I've found most of my favorite bands). The vidder had used the song "Chop Suey!" from the album Toxicity for an excellent compilation of fight scenes from AtS S4. Currently I'm listening to the album every day, several times in a row. I particularly like the last song Aerials. I've decided I ought to buy another album, but which one? Recommendations, anyone?
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Friend of ours have a band: Osiris Taurus. Their music has been labelled shamanistic pop. They are currently offering their new album for download. Every few weeks a new song gets uploaded to the website. Osiris Taurus would like to reach a larger audience, so you are cordially invited to go to their site and download their songs. You may share the music with others, burn it on CD and make vids. All OT ask is that you don't use their music commercially. :-)

Anyone who ever wrote fanfic that nobody read can understand the frustration of musicians who don't get played. So please, give them a chance.

You can find their songs if you click on Multimedia. Scroll down, past the German text allowing you to download to the three (so far) dowload links.

Enjoy. If you like their stuff, I'm sure they'd appreciate a quick hello in their guestbook.


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