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This morning, when I left the house to do the grocery shopping, I slipped on a sheet of ice and fell. I was lucky, I have no visible bruises, but my left leg and arm feel like I pulled a muscle. That is particularly unwelcome since Thursday's dance practice left me limping and in great pain. *sigh* I don't like feeling old and fragile and sore all the time.

I taught a 6-hour prose workshop today. Basically, I combined a few exercises and prompts into a coherent exercise. The embarrassing thing is: I tried to write my own assignment and failed miserably. Too much pressure. But the "students" did well and they enjoyed the workshop.
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Just a veeery quick update.
On Thursday Writers Ink organized an Open Mic. Seven of my students came and read texts, a handful of people from the Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft came as well - and they wrote their first haiku ever. Apart from the fact that most of the Writers Ink members (except for [ profile] shatten) failed to make an appearance (*grits teeth*), it was a nice evening. Afterwards we watched Firefly with two of our friends. Both are utterly hooked. *chuckles evilly*
My course is almost finished. Only two more sessions. My students are giving me very favorable feedback. I have to write a lengthy report now - to justify my continued employment, I guess. Grrr, I hate writing things "official".

Mr. E and my friend S. dyed my hair today. It's now dark like an eggplant. Looks good. Hubby also gave me a footrub. He's the best, and so is S.

Yesterday, the kids recieved their half-term grades. Tina has pretty good grades, I think. Not spectacular, but good. Mostly B's, two A's (music and sports), and a glowing report on her social conduct. Since she's good at music, she will take flute lessons from now on. We bought a new flute today.

Hubby, S. and several friends went to a Murder Mystery Dinner - a prequel to the famous Dinner for One that's always showing on Telly on New Years Eve. It was hilarious. I had a very silly but enjoyable crush on the actor who played Mr. Pommeroy, who was as camp as a row of pink tentsvery gay. Last year we saw a different Murder Mystery with the same cast, and I had the same crush then. Color me beetred. The play was great, and the food divine.
When I asked the actor-who-played-Mr. Pommeroy if I could keep the laminated game-rules, he said, not really, but I should just nick it, but not to quote him in front of his colleagues. :-)
And now I have to go to bed because in less than 3 hours I have to get up again, pack my stuff and off we go to Düsseldorf. Hubby and Tina dance in a tournament.
Toodles. :-)


Jan. 12th, 2006 02:11 pm
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It's definitive: I'm teaching another module next term, again two hours per week. Yay. Three students already made signing up noises. They are really eager.
Unfortunately nobody told me that I have to write a description of the module until tomorrow morning. Shriek. And I have to write an evaluation of this term's course, luckily not quite as quickly.
I promised the kids I'd play Pokemon with them for half an hour. At 4 hubby will pick us up to go to dance practice. I'm cold. And tired. And at 8 my boardgaming group meets. *scratches head* It's 2.10 already... That means I have about an hour to outline a new course. Yay?


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