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I found an old post by Indri at the BBF message board listing all kinds of stories she'd like to read.

Some of these suggestions are great. I'd reproduce them here, but I guess that goes against the netiquette. So I am providing a link to that post.

[ profile] mikelesq, you should check that list out, those look very much like stories you might like to write.
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I love the song "Behind Blue Eyes" by the Who. Yeah yeah, I know. Several authors have already written Spike-centric songfics around it, with varying success and for various ships.
What I'd really like to read is a story inspired (!) by it. One that is not about Spike singing the song, or characters dancing to the music and whatnot. Not another songfic!

I'd like a story that obviously tells the same story in prose, quite specifically, but doesn't have to quote the lyrics. So, there should be fist clenching (and someone cracking the fist open) coat-lending etc.

Obviously the central character should be Spike.
Pair him with Buffy, Anya, Xander, Angel or even Wes. I don't mind. Actually, it might be fun to get more than one story based on this.
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Someone please write me a nice Wes/Spike story!
I posted the following challenge ages ago, but no one ever felt like taking it on. I agree it's difficult to do, but maybe someone feels tempted? I changed a few details and I had an idea how to set the whole thing up (or maybe it was Mikelesq's idea)...

Two Englishmen in L.A. (or Sunnydale):
Wesley/Spike - Friendship / Slash or UST

Must have:
- One or both visiting a theatre play (Shakespeare, perhaps)
- Lots of candles
- One lending the other his coat
- a pack of playing cards
- a happy end (but bittersweet is good as well)

I always like stories to be as close as possible to canon, or at least to have a definite point of departure from canon.

The story could be set between S6 and S7 but before Spike finds the demon in Africa. Wesley could help Spike with the research. Pretty please!


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