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I haven't recced fic in ages, because there was a time when I didn't read a lot of fanifc. I' missed a lot of good stories that way and am only now catching up.
This is an old hat for some of you, I know, but there are other drive-by lj-readers out there, and if only one or two of them catch this fabulous story, then it's worth my while pimping this story.

Title: It Never Happened
Author: Shadowscast
Fandom/Timeline: BtVS - Set during Buffy's death between S5 and S6. Fits very neatly into canon.
Genre: Slash-with-plot; hurt/comfort
Pairing: Giles/Spike; Giles/Ethan as past lovers
Rating: R - Mature
Summary: It's the summer of 2001. Buffy is buried under a stone that says "She saved the world. A lot."
Giles and the others are struggling to figure out how to live in a world without her, and how to continue to protect it. An encounter with a strange demon turns Spike into an ordinary human, which complicates matters. Meanwhile, a curious new camera shop has opened up in Sunnydale...

It Never Happened (LJ version at Summer_of_Giles)
It Never Happened (Archive of our Own)

Why I love this story: It's plotty, with a distinct gen-fic feel in that all the character voices ring true; also I can literally see all the characters; it's like watching an episode of the show - only with genuine slash. The sex scene are well-written but never gratuitous. Giles acts like a grown-up, and the hurt/comfort pushes all my buttons. Even Ethan has a cameo (I truly love his prank) and sounds as though Jane Espenson wrote him. A truly brilliant story!
If you haven't read it, do so now! If you have, well, maybe it's time to read it again.
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Because [ profile] shapinglight asked for it:
Two more vids by 1ravenrayne, who produced the vid I posted the other day. I don't know where the additional footage in the first vid comes from, but it fits very well. I am not that fond of the second one, among other things I don't like the song, but it's always nice to see the G/E footage again. :) I wish we had seen a bit more of Ehan. Oh well, that's what we have vids and fanfic for... Which makes me wonder: Has anyone ever produced a Spike/Ethan vid?

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Another lucky find! I love love love Ethan stories about his time in Initiative custody.
This one is terrific. No surprise there, after all it was written by Indri.


Dec. 1st, 2006 08:55 am
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Bwahaa, this is just neat. The new pairing: Canon/Fanon.

S/X recs

Nov. 26th, 2006 01:00 pm
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[ profile] janedavitt asked for S/X recs. Several people posted links to their favorite S/X stories. These threads are always fun because they remind me of the great stories out there, some of which I read years ago. If you are like me and feel like revisiting some of these stories, or if you're wondering if your links still work, that thread is the place to go.
Of course you can also recommend great S/X fics that you read recently. You can find the thread here.

Vid recs

Jan. 10th, 2006 12:33 am
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Found these via a post in [ profile] sockkpuppett's LJ:

Vid: Must Be Dreaming
Vidder: Corn_Child
Fandom: Serenity/Firefly
Music: Must be Dreaming by Frou Frou
Awesome editing, perfect timing, great use of both movie and TV footage. Believe me, my jaw dropped when I saw this the first time.
Spoilers for Serenity

Vid: Going Under
Vidder: Corn_Child
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Music: Going Under by Evanescence
Ooh, the pretty! A beautifully timed vid about one of the prettiest couples ever...
Also, I like Evanescence.
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My printer ran out of ink. Thank god. Otherwise I might have considered producing even more handouts for my students. I think I'm going over the top with my 45 pages in 8 sessions... But now that I can't print anything out I can relax and just scribble a few notes on my post-its.
Ursula K. leGuin's Steering the Craft turned out to be a very interesting read with a handful of very useful exercises. I find her tone condescending, and I would have liked to see more modern examples, but on the whole the book is worth reading. I find 15 bucks a little expensive for such a slim book. I read the University's copy. I may order one for myself eventually, or I may just do the evil thing and photocopy it. If I photocopy, I feel more inclined to mark certain sections...

I watched House 2.09 and Bones 1.02 today. I'm not going to give a lot away, but I guess I better use spoiler cuts anyway. Snippety-snip )
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TITLE: Battling Towards Contentment
AUTHOR: Miranda / [ profile] mirandaflynn
SPOILERS: Spoilers for Not Fade Away
SUMMARY: post-NFA ensemble story that focusses on Illyria.

My comment: Miranda has a gift for writing happy stories that 'fix' things that went 'wrong' in the series. Anyone unhappy with the way AtS ended will find here a much lighter and optimistic ending, one that still rings true. This is how ME could have played things - if Joss weren't determined to always heap on the angst. Anyway, I've always loved Miranda's writing, and this plotty, economically told story will show you why. Go read. Be happy.
(Oh, and there's a sequel too, but I haven't read it yet.)
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Question: Does anyonone on my flist know Jack Bickham's Scene & Structure? Is it any good? The feedback at Amazon is glowing, but not informative. Thanks.
Recommendation: Witing Fiction by Gotham Writer's Workshop , a collection of essays. I am half-way through and find the book very useful. Good essays on Plot and POV, also contains a reprint of the famous short story Cathedral and a very helpful analysis of the story. Nothing mind-blowingly new, but well-phrased stuff. Also gives the reader step-by-step writing assignments.
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Has anyone on my flist ever read any books by Jack Bickham (like e.g. Scene & Structure)? He writes books on writing. The Amazon reviews are favorable, but I'm still undecided. I would like to buy a few more good book son writing so I can prepare my course, and I am allowed to order books for the seminar library, so now I'm looking for recommendations. Which books on creative writing can you recommend? I'm thinking not so much about stuff like Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamont, but more along the lines of Ansen Dibbell's Plot (which I'm so going to order for the library).
Please please please give me recs. Or anti-recs. Recs for books on screenplay-writing and books on poetry would not go amiss either. *makes puppy eyes*
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March 6 through March 13

Post to your LJ each day at least one of your favorite fanfic authors and why you love them, their work, and why they need more appreciation.

Previous posts: Day #1, Day #2, Day #3

I didn't get round to writing recs for two days in a row, so this post is somewhat longish. Several people seem to have lost steam, or they reconsidered the whole thing, thinking that memes like this are too painful for the authors who fly under the radar and don't get mentioned. I can only say that I always appreciate rec days and memes. Of course I hope that someone will mention my fic and I squee like mad when it happens, but I am just as interested in who recs whom. I am lazy, but if an author gets mentioned often enough I may check out her stuff even if she/he writes pairings other than the ones I favor. As for the pain of not being mentioned: it happens. It's the same with awards. I don't get nominated a lot and sometimes that hurts, but I try to suck it up. (Although nobody who knows me well will ever accuse me of being really good at sucking things up.)

Anyway, I'm putting my recs behind a cut this time. Post #4 covers Spuffy authors, Post #5 covers S/X authors. Post #6 I'll have to postpone till later today. It will be a self-centered love fest in which I simply list a few stories written for me, because hey, I appreciate that the authors spent their time writing something for me me me!

Post #4 - Spuffy het )

Post #5 - S/X authors )

PS: I've probably forgot to mention several authors. No offence intended. My memory is a very scary, untidy place, that's all. :-)

S/X fic rec

Mar. 9th, 2005 11:25 am
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Why didn't anyone ever tell me to read [ profile] shadowscast's post-Grave S/X fic London Calling? This line is just perfect: Spike wasn't the kind of guy to come up with complex and well-constructed lies. Spike's idea of a lie was saying 'No, I didn't eat the Doritoes' while licking orange dust off his fingers. *is enthralled, goes back to reading*

ETA: Finished it and have to say: the story's great from beginning to end. There's plot, setting, dialogue, tenderness, and wonderful h/c. *smiles* I think that story just made my S/X top ten! *sighs happily*
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March 6 through March 13

Post to your LJ each day at least one of your favorite fanfic authors and why you love them, their work, and why they need more appreciation.

Previous posts: Day #1, Day #2

Apparently it's also Super!sekrit!Fandom Shame Day today, thanks to [ profile] kita0610, so I'll grab the opportunity to rec and appreciate two authors who have lured me out of my comfort zone. I will rec someone who made me read *gap* RPS. (I am not dissing other people's pleasure here, it was just my no-go zone, that's all) Okay, so the story I am about to rec is more of a human AU than a Real Person Slash, but the characters bear the name of the actors who represent them, and normally that makes my hair stand on end. Anyway, I'm talking about [ profile] travellingblind by [ profile] sangpassionne and [ profile] evilmaniclaugh. I very much appreciate the visual pleasure of James Marsters and Adam Baldwin in one story and I shall blissfully ignore the fact that their real names are used. I like the story, so there. And while I'm at it: [ profile] sangpassionne deserves extra appreciation because she wrote the most wonderful Spike/Angel AU for me, a layered and plotty Wild West AU that is just totally wonderful: In the Rough. And this rec really has nothing to do with the fact that Josey is a fantastic friend, a treasured beta, and a wonderful person to chat with. If you think I only name her because we're chums, think again and try reading her drabble set Hellbound or her awesome story Follow me Down. Come on, I dare you.

My second rec for today goes to another collaborative team: [ profile] itsabigrock aaaaand again [ profile] sangpassionne. And there's no super!sekrit!shame in it. I am recommending Proof and all the other stories in their Coming to Conclusions S/A series. Both are of course fabulous writers in their own right, not just when they collaborate (although I have to admit that I'm a bad friend and haven't gotten around to reading all their earlier works). [ profile] itsabigrock aka Tania has written lovely stories like Pinch Me (S/A) and Depressed There. I usually read her stories in her LJ, so I was a bit overwhelmed when I visited her archive and saw just how much she's written. *makes mental note to read more fanfic*

And since I'm talking about able collaborators: My final rec for today goes to [ profile] ladycat777 who I had the pleasure to collaborate with on the 2003 Christmas series Who's Afraid or Red, White, Green and a S/X story called Checkmate. She greatly influenced my own S/X stories. I particularly love her Shadowverse stories and the Spike-turns-into-a-girl series One, Two, Three, Soul, and the hottest S/X smut ever Shush. Some of Ladycat's stories don't exactly hit my kink, but that's my loss. Not many people have her skill at slo-mo physical description. You practically see the characters move. There's something very Ridley Scott about the way she writes. She's also a great friend!

Okay, I recced ensemble fic writers, collaborators, and slashers, guess it's time to rec a few het authors tomorrow. :-)
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March 6 through March 13

Post to your LJ each day at least one of your favorite fanfic authors and why you love them, their work, and why they need more appreciation.

My Day #1 post is here

Today I feel like recommending a few slash authors (there will be more in other posts, so today's list is not complete).

No list of favorites would be complete without [ profile] mpoetess, whose Chocolatey Goodness corrupted me for life made me see the light. Thank you, Amy, for turning my world upside down. :-) Her S/X series(and I am purposefully avoiding the word Spander that she dislikes so much) is hot and funny, and it is the sole reason why I ever sat down to write my own first slash story (LTAS). Other favorites are Bachelor Pad (which never fails to make my stomach twist in that good hurty way), The Dance (which is just cute) and The Waking (which is utterly beautiful - Giles/fOC).

Okay, [ profile] kita0610's next. I'm happy I got to meet her in Tampa, because she is a fun person to talk to. I never grow tired of telling the anecdote how I first came across her archive Slashing the Angel. I was horrified - because I didn't know what slash was and thought the archive hosted torture fic. 'Why would anyone want to cut up poor Angel?' I thought back then and ran away screaming. Okay, I came back later, once Mad Poetess had corrupted enlightened me. :-)
My favorite Kita stories are: Five Things That Never Happened to Spike (which never fails to make me cry) and Six Foot Deep (co-written with Jess). Unmissable.

It is no secret that [ profile] eliade's writing reduces me to a fangirly puddle of squee. Do I really have to list her stories? Mention her wonderful amnesia story Throwing Shapes (priceless: the butcher hands out napkins with the pig's blood), her one-hour-of-power version Closure (*pets story lovingly*), Your Horoscope for Today (Best ending ever), or of course Subtleties? I also have a few ficlets and snippets of hers bookmarked that are not S/X but Spike/Lorne or Spike/Riley. I adore her writing, and in a perfect world I would be rich enough to make her and [ profile] witling and a handful of other authors write for me full-time. :-) (And in a very dark world I would be ruthless enough to kidnap her and a few other writers to keep like a butterfly collection. And I'd keep them chained up in a basement with writing utensils, Jossverse DVDs, and large amounts of junk food. Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Right, more author appreciation coming up tomorrow.

Number of authors who have signed up for the Friendship Ficathon: 38 44:

[ profile] ludditerobot [ profile] secondverse [ profile] willshenilshe [ profile] liliaeth [ profile] aliasagent [ profile] inlovewithnight [ profile] agilebrit [ profile] settai [ profile] spikes_heart [ profile] calove [ profile] moosesal [ profile] jadelennox [ profile] wisdomeagle [ profile] doyle_sb4 [ profile] thomasina75 [ profile] mosca [ profile] callmesandy [ profile] patintexas [ profile] karabair [ profile] ladycat777 [ profile] mikelesq [ profile] itsabigrock [ profile] kalinet [ profile] princessmela [ profile] zandra_x [ profile] lordshiva [ profile] libco [ profile] willowgreen [ profile] fluffybkitty [ profile] pepperlandgirl4 [ profile] deadsoul820 [ profile] essene [ profile] synful_trixx [ profile] juliet_demarcus [ profile] nwhepcat [ profile] ivytree2 [ profile] raedbard [ profile] kuku4wikka [ profile] bashipforever [ profile] marenfic [ profile] hieispike [ profile] tinpanalley [ profile] goddess_loki [ profile] semby

Sign-up period closes March 15th. Story deadline: May 1st.
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March 6 through March 13

Post to your LJ each day at least one of your favorite fanfic authors and why you love them, their work, and why they need more appreciation.

I thought long and hard about who to name and decided to name several - and to focus on authors who do ensemble stories.

Let me start with [ profile] mikelesq. Not many people will have read his stories because he focuses on stories that fill in gaps in canon. He is well-versed in canon, great at plotting, and gives excellent dialogue, but he does not write shipper fics. You can expect friendship but not romance when you read his stuff. He also writes lesser characters with aplomb. His fics are smart and funny. My favorites are: The Teaser Pony (Firefly), Half A League Onward (Xander, Halfrek, basement!Spike), and The Long Walk Home (Clem, Spike, Sophie).

Another author I have been openly admiring for a long time is [ profile] lordshiva, aka Kalima. Because she is not the fastest writer of the herd it's possible she is under the radar for some people. If you haven't read her stories, you should give them a try. I particularly love Nicolette Says Jump (Spike/Xander/OC) and Thick as Thieves (Spike & Dawn), but I adore Daemons Luminati (Spike/Buffy)

Okay, one more author before it's midnight and Sunday is officially over. I would also like to name [ profile] inlovewithnight. She is something of a recent acquisition. She started out writing relatively short BtVS and AtS ficlets and drabbles, but recently she's written a nice plotty Firefly fic called Homestead, which I've previously recommended. I like how versatile she is. I always admire authors who pull off gen fics with a large cast, because, believe me, I know how hard they are.

Right, tomorrow I shall try to recommend a few slash authors.


Mar. 3rd, 2005 09:55 am
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Oooh, [ profile] poshcat wrote Spuffy! I lost my Spuffy appetite a long time ago, but when [ profile] poshcat takes another swing at the pairing I dig out my season ticket and I sit there, chewing my hot dog, cheering her on, and I revel in the warm nostalgic fuzzies.

Small Victories - S/B - NC-17
- written for the kink-ficathon - her kink was non-con, but she handled it with aplomb and her usual humor. So the story is fun and not icky at all. Just naughty, and have I mentioned the funny?

ETA: And since some of you guys may have missed Poshie's [ profile] summer_of_spike contribution last year, I would like to grab the opportunity to rec another story of hers:
Choose Your Own Porny Adventure by [ profile] poshcat
Are you tired of reading fanfic that doesn't go the way you wished it would? With Choose Your Own Porny Adventure, there's a little something for everyone's kink - from Spander to Spuffy, belts to schmoop, non-con to threesomes. It's up to you.

The fate of Spike, Buffy and Xander are in your hands. Choose wisely, my friends. :0)

Summary: Anyone up for a game of magical Truth or Dare?
Season 5

There are 8 plot threads to choose from.

Number of authors who have signed up for the Friendship Ficathon: 31 33 35


Jan. 28th, 2005 10:11 am
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[ profile] redbrickrose wrote in [ profile] ats_endofdays: 2.15 Reprise - The Signs That we Missed - an amazing, enlightening patchwork tapestry of past, present, and future, exploring fate, destiny, and free will in the context of that episode, embedding it in the greater context of the whole five seasons. Excellent hybrid between essay, prose poem, and episode analysis. IMHO the opening paragraph is a bit heavy if you walk in unprepared, but the 'fic' soon gains impetus and becomes more tangible. Go read, shoo shoo!
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Most of these recs come from the Ethan-Ficathon Masterlist, but not all.

Title: Anywhere But Here
Author: Sarah T.
Pairing: Ethan & Dawn
Rating: ?
Summary: Dawn takes a field trip and has some educational fun
My Comment: Plotty, funny, fresh and unexpected

Title: Pavlov's Bells
Author: Doyle aka [ profile] doyle_sb4
Pairing: Riley/Ethan
Rating: edging into R
Summary: A day after Sunnydale he's back in uniform and on a military flight to Belize, and three weeks after that he's in a dirty room above the post office in Punta Gorda with a girl on her knees beside him.
My comment: chillingly dark and creepy, with junkie!Riley and an imprisoned Ethan. I have a soft spot for prison fics or storylines revolving around the Initiative. This one is memorable.

Title: Silent Upon a Peak in Darien
Author: Doyle aka [ profile] doyle_sb4
Pairing: None
Rating: PGSummary: How Ethan Got His Groove Back.
My comment: A story that has strong realistic roots and convincing original characters. Comes very close to original fiction.

Title: What About Me?
Author: [ profile] gwynnega
Pairing: Ethan/Giles (also implied Willow/Giles)
Rating: PG
Summary: Ficathon story - A fleeting moment of old love - set during S7
My comment: Draws nice parallels between Willow and Ethan. On the fluffy side.

Title: Chaos Bringers
Author: Voleuse
Pairing: Ethan/Spike
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It's the only way to be. - Futurefic, non-spoilery
My comment: It's like evil poetry - smutty, dark, utterly anarchic. Normally I love these two redeemed or half-way redeemed, but watching them spread chaos? Delicious!

Title: Dissonance
Author: Trekker aka [ profile] trkr47
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Giles/Ethan
Summary: Their paths crossed and re-crossed, woven like the double helix of DNA
My comment: A nice wistful moment that captures Ethan's desire to stay as well as his customary restlessness.

Title: Tit for Tat
Author: [ profile] serasempre
Pairing: Ethan/ Lindsey
Rating: NC-17
Summary:Silk and tangible chaos - Lindsey gets a tattoo
My comment: Very very dark, but beautifully written.

Title: Wabi
Author: [ profile] katemonkey
Pairing: Ethan/Oz
Rating: PG13
Summary: Ethan, Oz, Japan, Haiku
My comment: Amazing images, a fascinating and unusual story that is entirely made out of haiku, short poems of a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. Very clever.
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[ profile] pinkdormouse wrote a lovely set of 10 drabbles called Not Quite the Emerald City. It is an Ethan/Lorne story (yup, the pairing works), slashy but not too explicit, and somehow it tugged at my heart-strings. She posted it to [ profile] rayne_n_chaos, the exact post can be found here. Yeah, I know, it's an odd pairing but the story is enticing, in places witty, and very wistful. At only 1000 words it's definitely worth your time.
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[ profile] beccaelizabeth wrote a lovely G/E ficlet from Ethan's POV, called Revenge. Go, check it out.
She also wrote a longer G/E fic called Deep Insight, that describes a nifty spell... going wrong.
Both stories are slash-y, but not explicitly so. They are character pieces.
* * *
As for my own writing, well, I wrote the opening scene of my Spangel AU. 500 words and I've only described one character and the setting. Why oh why can't I do 'short' anymore?
Bedtime. Now.
ETA: Did I say bedtime? Well, I lingered. Good thing too, because hey, 1000 words... and I have both characters in the same place and they hate each other. Yay!


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