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I haven't recced fic in ages, because there was a time when I didn't read a lot of fanifc. I' missed a lot of good stories that way and am only now catching up.
This is an old hat for some of you, I know, but there are other drive-by lj-readers out there, and if only one or two of them catch this fabulous story, then it's worth my while pimping this story.

Title: It Never Happened
Author: Shadowscast
Fandom/Timeline: BtVS - Set during Buffy's death between S5 and S6. Fits very neatly into canon.
Genre: Slash-with-plot; hurt/comfort
Pairing: Giles/Spike; Giles/Ethan as past lovers
Rating: R - Mature
Summary: It's the summer of 2001. Buffy is buried under a stone that says "She saved the world. A lot."
Giles and the others are struggling to figure out how to live in a world without her, and how to continue to protect it. An encounter with a strange demon turns Spike into an ordinary human, which complicates matters. Meanwhile, a curious new camera shop has opened up in Sunnydale...

It Never Happened (LJ version at Summer_of_Giles)
It Never Happened (Archive of our Own)

Why I love this story: It's plotty, with a distinct gen-fic feel in that all the character voices ring true; also I can literally see all the characters; it's like watching an episode of the show - only with genuine slash. The sex scene are well-written but never gratuitous. Giles acts like a grown-up, and the hurt/comfort pushes all my buttons. Even Ethan has a cameo (I truly love his prank) and sounds as though Jane Espenson wrote him. A truly brilliant story!
If you haven't read it, do so now! If you have, well, maybe it's time to read it again.
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So. daughter #2 just threw up, therefore I'm not off to dance practice, and the trip to see Madagascar 2 that we had planned for the afternoon got cancelled. Oh well, gives me time to stick on my headphones and listen to music (to drown out the sounds of sqeaky kids' programs on TV) while writing.

I give you an incredibly shmoopy drabble set in the I-Spy-verse, about two or three days after I Spy. I was going to write about Ethan's time in Initiative custody but the story covers that angle already. Maybe I'll write a companion piece about Ethan's scars....

For [ profile] sueworld2003 


„Tell me,“ Ethan said, mapping Spike’s eyebrow with sensitive fingertips. “Did you get this scar before you were turned?”

Spike lay still. “First Slayer I killed nicked my brow. Wound never healed. Later found out her sword was enchanted.”

“What about this one?” Ethan picked up Spike’s left hand to trace the thin scar inside his palm.

“Christmas bauble. I was two. Mother said I never let go. Was lucky none of the tendons got cut.”

Ethan rested his hand on Spike’s heart. “And this?”

Spike hesitated.

“Tell me. I want to know everything about you.”

“Her name was Cecily.”

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I should be setting the table, making dips, shopping, etc, but I had to finish this drabble first (which was very hard to tweak, since it could have easily been turned into a 1000 word fic. Enjoy.

For [ profile] sueworld2003  who asked for Gildes and Spike meeting up post-Chosen

Advent Drabble # 5 - Anniversary


“Got a place to crash?”

He’s standing on Giles’s doormat, huddled under a blanket, emitting wisps of smoke into in a golden November sunrise.

Giles sighs. “Come in.”

Spike smells slightly singed, as he brushes past him.

“How d’you know my address?” Giles moves through the living room to draw the curtains.


“Are you dripping blood on my carpet?”

Another shrug. Spike studies the Thanksgiving cards that adorn the mantelpiece, while Giles eyes the Sainsbury’s carrier that appeared on his sofa.

“Booze,” Spike grins. “And a turkey.”

Giles arches an eyebrow.

“Remember 1999? The Chumash?”

Giles grins. “Vividly.”

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For [ profile] lynnenne who asked for Spike/Angel, flirting.
This could be set any time you like, but for me it's post Ats S5.

Drabble #2 - Flirt

“Angel! Fancy finding you here!” Spike slips into his booth.

Angel stares at his drink. “Go away! Pretend you don’t know me.”


“’Lo, Sunshine. Buy you a drink? Say, haven’t I seen you before?”



Thud! Something drops to the floor. Suddenly, a boot-less foot is unerringly sneaking up the inside of Angel’s leg, heading for his crotch.

Angel’s breath hitches.

“Now’s the time, cupcake. Either slap me in the face or invite me over for coffee.” Spike’s leer is so bright, it hurts

“Coffee?” Angel squeaks.

“Yeah, alright.” Spike shrugs, but his tongue curls behind gleaming teeth.

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I'm terribly out of practice when it comes to writing drabbles, sorry. Also, it turned out rather morbid. I hope you guys like it anyway.

For [info]petzipellepingo

Spike/William – Victorian Christmas

Advent Drabble #1 - Perfect

Popcorn and cranberry garlands spilling from Dru’s sewing box? A new frock for Miss Edith? Spike knows the signs. 

Who cares if it’s hot outside? That the calendar claims it’s the end of August. The world’s full of fir trees, and for a few quid he can buy a gallon of turkey’s blood and lace it with cinnamon. As for decorations, all he has to do is pick a house and eat the owners. Nine times out of ten, they’ve plenty of Christmas trinkets in the cellar. Their bodies make good decorations, too. A perfect Victorian Christmas for his Princess.

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Happy Birthday, [profile] sueworld2003
I have to apologize for being so late, but I wanted to give you a story for your birthday, and RL conspired to keep me away from my computer.

Still, the story is finished, and while it is far from my best, I still hope it will give you pleasure. Couldn't think of a better title. Sorry. Also unbeta'd. *cringes*

TITLE:  This Time
PAIRING: Xander & Spike
RATING: 13 (buddy vibe with a bit of slashy subtext)
SPOILERS: Set after AtS S5.

This Time )

ETA: Happy Birthday [personal profile] the_royal_anna!
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Wow, my first piece of fanfic in ages. The fanfic part of my brain feels kinda rusty....

Almost - Spike - R )
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BtVS - Buffy/Spike - PG - Set during S5
For [ profile] awmp - sorry, no snark, just angst. A bit cheesy, I'm afraid.

Home Alone )
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Better late than never.

AtS - Spike/Angel - PG13 (slash) - post-NFA
For [ profile] synful_trixx

Kiss of Life )
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Sorry about the delay. See previous posts if you need an explanation.
Anyway, the muse just came back. Hope she stays a while.

BtVS - Pandoraverse - PG (slash - set in an alternate S7 in which Spike and Xander are sexually involved)
For [ profile] suesworld2003

Hestia's Charm )
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I'm running a little late today. Sorry.

AtS - Spike - PG
This one is for my anonymous benefactor who gave me paid LJ time. Thanks!

Nostalgia )
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This is my second attempt to write this pairing (Non-slashy take one is here). Have to say: I find crossovers really hard to do...

AtS/Supernatural - Spike/Dean slash (sorta) - PG15 - post-NFA
For [ profile] paratti
My Beautiful Laundromat )

ETA: I think I must be nuts. I just rewrote the drabble. Again. In third person limited perspective. And made the changes necessary for the POV to work. So, this is take three:

My Beautiful Laundromat - Rewrite )

I'm not sure which one works best. Of the two slash drabbles probably take three. It's not easy writing slash between two characters who never met and actually live on different shows. *sigh* The comedy one works better than the other two. Oh well... *shrugs*
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Right, I'm trying to write a crossover drabble for [ profile] paratti today. She asked for BtvS/Supernatural, i.e. Spike/Dean slash. That puts all kinds of naughty yummie pics into my brain. Unfortunately these ideas don't lend themselves to 100 word drabbles. Take one is neither naughty, nor slashy, so it's back to the drawing board. However, it's not bad enough to scrap entirely, so here's the drabble:

BtVS/Supernatural - Spike & Chevy Impala - PG - no spoilers
For [ profile] paratti

There’s no point in stealing one of the newer cars; most have immobilizers these days. ‘Sides, Spike wouldn’t want to be seen dead in a Toyota. But that black 1967 Chevy Impala? Now that’s Spike’s kind of car. Almost as good as his Desoto. And a decent-sized trunk never hurts.

Stripped wires spark and the Impala rumbles to life. With a two-fingered salute, Spike speeds away from the diner’s parking lot.

A few miles down the road, he checks the trunk: rock salt, crosses, silver bullets?


A minute later, he’s roaring back to the diner. He’ll try the Toyota.
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BtvS/AtS - Spike/Faith - post-NFA - PG13
For [ profile] makd

Unfinished Business )
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BtVS/AtS - Spike/Ethan - slash, PG13 - post-NFA (set in the "I Spy"-verse; all you need to know is that Ethan is blind and owns a pub in London, and Spike is a little more than a fuck buddy)
For [ profile] rayne_y_daze (who asked for a tender holiday moment)
*cough* 'Tender' is not really what comes to my mind when I think of Spike/Ethan. This is as tender as it gets... I guess after all the angst of the last few drabbles I owed you guys something a little cuter...

Old Habits Die Hard )
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Okay, this is more or less unbetaed (meaning I changed things after the last time someone else had a look at this). If you find problems, please let me know. I'd like to get rid of mistakes and problems before archiving.

This one is ***complete***
Not another WIP. *Sigh of relief*

Useful Commodities

PAIRING: Anya/Spike (Friendship); Spike/Buffy (implicit); Anya/Xander (implicit)
SPOILERS: Up to BtVS 7x14 “First Date”
SUMMARY: Post-“First Date” – Anya talks, Spike mostly listens…
AN: Will be archived at ffnet and at my site, as usual.

Useful Commodities )


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