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So, instead of The Last Airbender we went and watched Karate Kid. The kids loved the movie, and we adults enjoyed it too. I like that it took its time to tell the story, it doesn't rush through the characterization and background story to get to the fighting. In fact, the tournament at the end is only a very small portion of the movie.
Also, I have a soft spot for Jackie Chan, oh, and I liked the photographs during the credits, where Jaden Smith and the boy who played his nasty oppenent looked like best friends. So, Karate Kid was definitely the right choice.

Oh and we had an awesome Spanish meal afterwards. I loooove Tapas. :-)

I have a colleague, who collects dance movies on DVD. So now I'm borrowing her whole collection, two at a time. Yesterday evening we watched Another Cinderella Story - nice dance sequences, but boy, the acting sucked dead toads. Oh well, Vicky was really really into it. She is totally into romance. Whenever characters on screen kiss, she giggles happily and snuggles up to her mom. :-) And we recognized Supernatural-fan Becky ("Sam, you're so firm!") from the series Supernatural as one of the wicked (and stupid) step-sisters....
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Ok, I finished S4. S5 here I come!
BTW, Chuck the prophet and all the references to Supernatural fanfic? Roflmao. Really quite hilarious.
I think the show really improved over the years.
Okay, so it's often cheesy and heavy-handed, but still grrrreat fun. :-)
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I just watched the two finale episodes of Supernatural.
Spoilers behind the cut )
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This is my second attempt to write this pairing (Non-slashy take one is here). Have to say: I find crossovers really hard to do...

AtS/Supernatural - Spike/Dean slash (sorta) - PG15 - post-NFA
For [ profile] paratti
My Beautiful Laundromat )

ETA: I think I must be nuts. I just rewrote the drabble. Again. In third person limited perspective. And made the changes necessary for the POV to work. So, this is take three:

My Beautiful Laundromat - Rewrite )

I'm not sure which one works best. Of the two slash drabbles probably take three. It's not easy writing slash between two characters who never met and actually live on different shows. *sigh* The comedy one works better than the other two. Oh well... *shrugs*
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Right, I'm trying to write a crossover drabble for [ profile] paratti today. She asked for BtvS/Supernatural, i.e. Spike/Dean slash. That puts all kinds of naughty yummie pics into my brain. Unfortunately these ideas don't lend themselves to 100 word drabbles. Take one is neither naughty, nor slashy, so it's back to the drawing board. However, it's not bad enough to scrap entirely, so here's the drabble:

BtVS/Supernatural - Spike & Chevy Impala - PG - no spoilers
For [ profile] paratti

There’s no point in stealing one of the newer cars; most have immobilizers these days. ‘Sides, Spike wouldn’t want to be seen dead in a Toyota. But that black 1967 Chevy Impala? Now that’s Spike’s kind of car. Almost as good as his Desoto. And a decent-sized trunk never hurts.

Stripped wires spark and the Impala rumbles to life. With a two-fingered salute, Spike speeds away from the diner’s parking lot.

A few miles down the road, he checks the trunk: rock salt, crosses, silver bullets?


A minute later, he’s roaring back to the diner. He’ll try the Toyota.


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