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After watching the entire first Season of Sense8 I need to gush. So I sat down to write this little essay. It contains only very mild spoilers. Oh, and I haven't gone meta in a while, so my essay writing skills are a bit rusty, but I hope you'll enjoy my thoughts, anyway.

BTW, we took out a free Netflix test-account to watch this, but will continue to subscribe simply because I expect great things from a network that had the foresight to snatch this show up without much pondering.

<lj-cut>Sense8 isn’t just a story about 8 people who are suddenly telepathically connected. It is a story about all of us.

The internet has turned us all into sensates, we are all connected. Even the Syrian fugitives aboard the rusty old ships in the Mediterranean own smartphones and are connected to us via an electronic network that more and more resembles a biological nervous system. The internet has given us the whole world to walk in. If we want, we can take a google street view stroll through Bombay, Berlin, Mexico City … We can stream music and Jean-Claude van Damme-movies. If we wanted to, we could find out how to build a bomb, or how to disable a Porsche, anything we want – it merely takes us internet users longer than a sensate.

People on Facebook, tumbler, livejournal, Dreamweaver et al know this: The internet allows us to connect with people elsewhere, with people whose upbringing, education, religion or sexual orientation is not our own. Not just to connect. To bond with them, cry with them when they are sad, laugh with them when they are happy, to metaphorically hold their hand when they go through a hard time, or be angry on their behalf, when someone belittles them or tries to hurt them. The internet allows us to experience kinship with human beings on the other side of the planet, people whom we’ve never met face to face.

This connectivity is like a sociological mutation, an amazing gift that no one could have envisioned thirty years ago, not even Sci-fi-authors like Gibson. In many ways the grim Cyberpunk-future that these authors predicted has come to pass: high-tech is used not to make life better for the majority of mankind but perverted to remotely kill human targets with drones, to spy on friends and enemies, to send viruses to disable technology in other countries, to analyze and predict not just our shopping preferences but also our voting habits. There are those for whom we are just pawns, bugs they can step on, cannon fodder, voting cattle, consumers. People like Whispers.

Sense8 tells us that this connectivity is a double-edged sword. And that the war over who gets to control the internet is being fought right now.

But mostly, Sense8 makes us fall in love with 8 strangers. We don’t care whether they are black or white, gay or straight, believers or atheists. We just want them to be safe, all 8 of them, and, amazingly, we even have room in our hearts for their family and friends and loved ones. And that is a wonderful feeling!


Mar. 1st, 2013 08:03 pm
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No Person of Interest, no Elementary. *wails*


Feb. 4th, 2013 06:26 pm
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Holy crap! Is anyone else watching Utopia? What a truly creepy show. The music really adds to the atmosphere.
The composer is using the stranges instruments, apparently even human bones.
The last time I watched a British short series I couldn't finish it because it turned to horrible. I'm talking about Fades. It just got to creepy in the end. *shudders*, I think I stopped somewhere in epi 5 - I really really can't watch anything zombie. Can't watch The Walking Dead either. The pilot alone freaked me out.
Anyway, as long as there are no zombies in Utopia, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest. Only 3 more episodes to go.

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Ho boy, Person of Interest pushes all my buttons! Trust and friendship - my favourite themes, and a lead with a really really nice voice... the secondary characters are likeable, too. And now they even have a dog! Plus guest appearances by Amy Acker and Enrico Colantoni (I really miss Veronica Mars!) and an interesting arc story. I admit it's not too high-brow, but I really enjoy the characters. Apparently, the show is doing really badly here in Germany... I hope it's more successful in the US. *crosses fingers*

I'm also enjoying Elementary a great deal. When I first heard rumors of a female Watson I thought it couldn't be done. Kudos to the authors for pulling it off.

The Mentalist is getting a bit old. Oh well.

It seems to me that there are an awful lot of watchable shows around. Not all of them brilliant, but many of them pretty good. I have a list of about ten shows that I feel I might enjoy - but I don't have the time to watch them....With so many good series around, any one show has a hard time finding enough viewers....  Anyway, I hope PoI and Elementary will be around for a while...

ETA: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everybody in Sandy's path. Be safe!
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A belated Happy New Year to you!
I was away from LJ for the holidays, because of 2 family b-days, and also because Starwars The Old Republic ate my brain. Sorry.

Anyway, I am catching up with TV stuff and just watched Sherlock S2E1. Have to say: this is TV at its most brilliant. Love love love it. For so many reasons. Perfect dialogue, brilliant visuals, brilliant acting, awesome cast. IMHO this is the best series currently running.
*sighs happily*
Stuff like Once Upon a Time is fun, and satisfying, but Sherlock is so much more. *another happy sigh*
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... is really growing on me. I love the cast. Robert Carlyle is awesome as Rumpelstilzkin. The evil mayor is terriffic, too. Good bad guys go a long way. :) But I like the other characters, too, particularly Emma.
I just hope the showrunners won't stick to the storybook-character-of-the-week format forever. Once they have all their ducks in a row, they can start on slightly more intricate storylines...

If I had to choose between Grimm and Once Upon a Time, I'd probably go with the latter right now. Doesn't mean that I don't like Grimm. I enjoyed all the episodes that aired so far. The Blutbad is an interesting character, but we need to see more of him - so far he's a bit like a deus ex machina on legs, i.e. useful but quickly shuffled off-screen, once he's done his supernatural bit. It will be interesting to see how the format develops... One thing is not good about Grimm, though. For the life of me, I cannot remember a single character name. After 4 epis that's not a good sign. ( I do remember the weird German though. "Blutbaden" bwahaaa)

Anyway, I'm just glad that there are a few shows out there that I enjoy. :-)
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... looks promising! Yay! I really enjoyed the second episode. The fairy tale scenes look a bit camp, but the Storybrooke scenes make up for it. Also, Robert Carlyle is great.

And now for something completely different: I remember reading a BtVS fanfic series set during S7 with Giles/Ethan rebuilding the Council of Watchers/finding potentials everywhere. I wanted to reread it, but now I don't remember the author. I thought it was maybe [ profile] kindkit's series, but I couldn't find it, and I don't remember the title... So, if you remember it (or wrote it) please let me know where I can find it... Thanks!
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I watched the pilot of Grimm - and enjoyed it. Later I found out that David Greenwalt is one of the showrunners. Go figure.
The vegetarian blutbad was a neat twist.
I read somewhere that the show has a lousy slot, against Supernatural and Fringe. I guess that means it will be short lived. *sigh*

As for Downton Abbey, does anyone else feel like hitting Mary over the head with a thick plank? I am of course rooting for Bates and Anna. But why is the only gay character of the show also one of the "bad" guys? *sigh* Naturally, the main pleasure is listening to Maggie Smith's aspirated upper-crust English. She is so brilliant! And I'm glad she's still working. (Throughout the filming of the HP movies I kept my fingers crossed, because she was such a marvellous McGonagall.)
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I just stumbled over Downton Abbey and LOOOOVE it! Takes me back to the days when I'd religiously watch Upstairs Downstairs when it first aired in Germany in 1975. I was 12 then, and really loved the show.
*sighs happily*
I also found out that there's a new Jane Eyre movie in the pipeline with the memorable Michael Fassbender as Rochester. Sounds extremely promising. *is happy*
Raise your hand if you're also a fan of period shows/movies!
What's your favourite period show moment?

I love all the Donald Sutherland scenes in Pride and Prejudice.
And Margaret Rutherford in the b/w Lawrence Olivier Pride and Prejudice.
And every single scene with Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility.
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After a long break I'm finally catching up on all the Supernatural epis that I've missed. Not sure why I lost interest early in s3. But now I borrowed the DVDs and am watching as fast as I can. I'm on a proper binge. I don't think it's a terribly good show, but it has its moments. Don't like the icky bits, but Jensen Ackles is nice to look at. Yup, I'm shallow that way.

Just watched S 4x03 - awesome epi.
Still, my desire to read Supernatural fanfic is nil. zilch. With BtVS I always felt that an awful lot might happen off-screen or in between epis (or should have happened). That's what fanfic is for. but Supernatural fanfic? Nuh.

Can anyone reommend a good post S5 BtVS fanfic that was written after S7 aired? An alternative season 6, maybe? I'm feeling a little peckish. I'm off to bed now, but I'd love to read some fanfic tomorrow, so I'd greatly appreciate a few recs... thx in advance.

TV stuff

Mar. 18th, 2009 09:30 am
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I just watched the pilot of the new show Castle, and I LOVED it. It was fun! In a way that Dollhouse isn't. It's great to see Nathan Fillion, I loved Castle's family, and I really liked the detective. Good banter. Will definitely watch the next few epis.

Dollhouse is a fascinating show. Eliza Dushku is awesome, more versatile than I expected. The show has a few problems, I think it would be better if the epis were 10 minutes shorter, but I like what I see. The cop plot seems a waste of time, it's problematic keeping separate plot lines going, even if they intersect in the character of Victor. I "like" Topher, the epitome of the irresponsilble geek/scientist. The actor is very good. I'm intrigued by the plot arc with Alpha. But something is missing, and I can't put my finger on it. The whole slavery theme is disconcerting, and it's meant to be, but while the show rejects the use of real people (even if wiped) as sexual slaves or disposable set of skills, it still tries to fascinate its audience with a mix of sex, violence and degradation. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I will continue to watch the show, because I'm curious where they are taking this.

The other show that I watch as soon as I can get my hands on a new epi is SCC, but lately I haven't enjoyed the show as much as I used to. Maybe that's because my favourite characters are Derek and Cameron. The plot around the blown up facility hasn't really worked for me.

BTW, I have been away from LJ for purely naughty reasons: we are now the proud owners of a PS3 and I've been playing Oblivion IV instead of doing anything userful with my life. :-)

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According to a post at [profile] stop_plagiarism, [profile] remember_nomore is stealing other people's works again. This time the case seems to revolve around icons. I don't want to be the one to start rumours, so I'm not saying it's true or really a new case, but I shall definitely watch the anit-plagiarism community for further updates on the matter.
Some of you may remember the case from several years ago.

What else is new? I just watched the pilot episode of the new series Reaper -  and enjoyed it! The main hero is not really my cup of tea, but it's fun to see Twin Peaks's Laura Palmer's Dad again. He's the perfectly cast as the Devil. The premise is fun, some of the comedy is quite hilarious. Will definitely give it a chance.

Also watched the new House. Good episode. Won't go into details since I don't want to spoil anyone.

I guess I should be working on my Ethan-fic, but I'm too tired. Work was tough these past two days. I never really get any writing done from Tuesday and Thursday. Also, I have a post-NFA Spike/Lindsey WIP on my HD that I can't get out of my head. Bad timing. Maybe it's just because my mind is busy exploring different resurrection/retconning scenarios. It's odd, once I've resurrected a character in a fic, from then on he or she is alive in the back of my head. Makes it easier to write him/her again. Maybe I should resurrect Anya. I have a few Let's Talk About Sex scenes that I  always meant to turn into a decent story, but  as long as Anya is dead I can't write her, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I shall try to write more Ethan/Giles on Friday. I know what will happen next, I just need to write it down - but at a time when I'm  not practically dozing off in front of the screen.
Right, time to go to bed. Wake-up time is in 6 hours. Toodles.
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So. I watched a lot of TV lately: Veronica Mars episodes 19 and 20. CSI 7x24, Supernatural 2x22... I'll put my thoughts behind the cut because they are utterly spoilery: )

Soon The Dead Zone will return. And I can look forward to several Doctor Who epis (I only watched up to Epi 5. Did anyone else think that "The Shakespeare Code" rocked? I've shown that epi to half a dozen people and they were all hooked. Strike!

Oh, and there's one not TV-related thing I'd like to mention. After a trial period of 6 months my company has hired me. I now have lay-off protection. I still enjoy my job and I like the collegues. But it's not an easy job, it requires great concentration. And it requires me to find English words for items that I couldn't even name in German. Thanks to my job I learnt expressions like "press stud storm flap". Yay me. At my age it's not easy to learn new stuff, and the software we use often drives me crazy, but the bottom line is: work is good. Having a bit of money of my own is good. *smiles*
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Is it just me or is the current season of Dr. Who downright creepy? Over the past few days I watched the first 6 epis, and I'm impressed with that show, I really am. I'd thought the producers were aiming for a younger audience, with hopefully-soon-to-follow Torchwood geared for an adult audience, but the epis I've seen so far weren't really suitable for kids. Must've been a rumour, then. Anyway, excellent show. Very very clever.
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My printer ran out of ink. Thank god. Otherwise I might have considered producing even more handouts for my students. I think I'm going over the top with my 45 pages in 8 sessions... But now that I can't print anything out I can relax and just scribble a few notes on my post-its.
Ursula K. leGuin's Steering the Craft turned out to be a very interesting read with a handful of very useful exercises. I find her tone condescending, and I would have liked to see more modern examples, but on the whole the book is worth reading. I find 15 bucks a little expensive for such a slim book. I read the University's copy. I may order one for myself eventually, or I may just do the evil thing and photocopy it. If I photocopy, I feel more inclined to mark certain sections...

I watched House 2.09 and Bones 1.02 today. I'm not going to give a lot away, but I guess I better use spoiler cuts anyway. Snippety-snip )
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Here's what I think about 2x03 and 2x04 - Spoilers )
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I don't want to be spilery regarding Veronica Mars 2x01. Let's just say that things didn't quite turn out the way I'd hoped. And that I'm tempted to work on that fic that I started. *bangs head on desk*

A few spoilery thoughts on Veronica Mars 2x01 follow behind the cut )
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Okay, so we watched the entire first season of Veronica Mars again. Boy, I can't wait for the new season to open. I can't stop wondering who Veronica's caller was at the end of 1x22. I really hope they clear that question up in 2x01, because the suspense is killing me. Hubby and I and my best RL friend, we're all biting our nails, craving more Veronica, more Logan, more Weevil, more Keith, and we look forward to hating Celeste again... Heck, this morning I found myself jotting down lines of dialogue. Which is bad, because I have no time to write VM fanfic. Nope. Not even mildly slashy Weevil/Logan h/c. Tomorrow I will be Jossed anyway, so there's no need for any what-happens-on-that-bridge-between-Logan-and-Weevil fics. Nope. *looks determined*

Besides, I still have to write my second concrit.


Sep. 16th, 2005 11:13 am
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I watched the (slightly re-cut) Pilot for Bones - not mindblowingly fantastic or original or even well-written but a solid show with likeable characters and yummie looking Angel David Boreanaz. Plus he's wearing suits and shades. Bonus! I doubt it will last, though.
Also watched House 2.01 - a few good lines, but the epi was average, IMHO.
Watched Supernatural 1.01 - and squeed like mad when I recognized Smart!Alec from Dark Angel. Eye candy with oodles of charisma. The pilot was creepy, and the brother-shtick pushed my button. I just hope that I'll never have to clap eyes on Dean/Sam slash. *shudder*
I also enjoyed watching Rome 1-3 - and I'd read Vorenus/Pullo in a heartbeat. ;-)
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Hmm. Dead Zone epis are like Tortilla chips. If you had one, you crave more. The plotting is really good. I love how they always manage to come up with new and interesting storylines. I would have thought that the formula would lose its freshness sooner.
I always liked the novel, and I liked the movie with Christopher Walken, but the series is even more fun. I hope nobody ever tells my kids that I've watched 5 or 6 episodes in a row. I keep telling them that too much TV is bad for them.


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