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Fandom: Firefly, pre-Serenity the Movie
Characters: Shepard Book
Rating: PG
Summary: Christmas is approaching

Out in the black, time is a relative thing. Serenity has her own clock and calendar, just like all the other objects in space, like planets, moons and ships. Course, there’s also Cortex time, but Book ain’t willing to base the observances of his faith on that.
Christmas ain’t about the date, anyway. Christmas is about being part of a community, no matter how small.

Next time Serenity touches down on Persephone, Book will visit Southdown Abbey for fruit and vegetables. Captain may object to prayer and such, but he won’t say no to a feast for all the crew.
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Fandom: Firefly; post-Serenity
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jayne/River
Genre: PWP
Dedication: for Mr. Estepheia (a late 18th wedding anniversary present). Also for [ profile] redeem147, [ profile] willowgreen, [ profile] ladypeyton, [ profile] mydeira, [ profile] minim_calibre, [ profile] tesla321, [ profile] herself_nyc and [ profile] the_nites_gurl - you guys all asked for Jayne/River in my what-should-I-write poll. Enjoy.
Many many thanks to [ profile] mommanerd who beta'd this. *hug*

This is a standalone in that it has a proper ending. Doesn't mean there won't be a sequel. We'll see.

Reader )
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Why doesn't my Concise English-Chinese Dictionary list interesting terms like frottage or orgasm? Or jism? Or even semen? And why is the spelling so different from the one on the Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary Site?

Yes, you guessed it, my Jayne/River porn is coming along nicely. Slower than I'd hoped, but it's getting there. Yay! I'd post the first part already, except I promised you guys I wouldn't torture you with any more unfinshed WIPs. Unless of course you want me to... :-)

ETA: If you enjoy River/Jayne porn, here is a short one by [ profile] frogfarm (you'll have to scroll down a little). It pretty much runs along the same lines as my WIP. Only, the language is prettier than mine. *sulk* Clearly, I am out of practice. Be that as it may, my J/R fic is off to my beta, the fabulous [ profile] mommanerd. Yay!


Jan. 8th, 2006 11:17 am
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There has been some speculation, what Inara's arc would have been on Firefly. I never really thought about that question, but recently a plot line popped into my brain, an idea that I'd like to share. (And if hundreds of people already speculated along the same lines without my knowledge, my aplogies - I'm a bit out of the loop these days.)

During the Serenity promotion tour, Joss was asked whether River's story in Serenity followed the arc he had planned for Firefly before the show's cancellation, and what kind of arc would have come after that. Joss said something vague to the effect that ifInara's story would have been next. I doubt that Serenity will get a sequel, in spite of the good DVD sales ( although a straight-to-DVD release is a distant possibiltiy... *crosses fingers*). So, lets speculate for a moment, where Joss might have taken us.

I have noticed certain themes that crop up around Inara: pregnancy, breeding, control. (Particularly in Heart of Gold and Objects in Space) I found it particularly noticeable in the DVD deleted scene where Inara finds out that the girls she's teaching to be companions are speculating about her romance with a "Space Pirate". Sheydra, the other companion, mentions that all the girls Inara is teaching come from the best families and have the best possible breeding. (I would have liked to quote from that scene but couldn't find a transcript for the deleted scenes.)

Companions may have been modeled after Japanese geishas, but a good lineage was never a requirement for becoming a geisha. Why should a companion have to come from the elite? And why the stress on control? Yes, part of the scene was about Inara & Mal, but that was so high profile, it almost felt like hand waving, as though Joss was trying to set up a foundation for a sequel about Inara without drawing too much attention to it.

My theory: the companions with their semi-religious superstructure are modeled after Frank Herbert's Dune books, namely after the Bene Gesserit, a mysterious guild of well-trained and powerful women from the oldest and most noble families of the galaxy. The women were trained to read body language, to control others through their voice, to plot and scheme. Unkind people called them witches. The guild moved its members around like chess pieces, positioning them as wives and concubines. The Bene Gesserit even controlled the pregnancies of these women. (The plot in Dune is set into motion when one Bene Gesserit defies the wishes of her order by giving her husband a son instead of a daughter) The Bene Gesserit's secret agenda was to control blood lines and the gene-pool of the mighty to produce a powerful prophet/psychic.

I am not saying that the Guild is trying to create a prophet, but what if companions are part of a large eugenics program? We saw in Serenity that the Alliance will stop at nothing to create a better world. And that they try to "enhance" psychics like River. What if they are trying to create better people from scratch? Companions are in a perfect position to connect genetic samples from the rich and the powerful, whererver they are. What if companions are eventually required to bear children for the Guild? What if Inara already has a child (as I've seen suggested a few times) What about the regular checkups in guild hospitals? Perfect opportunities to transfer a companion's "harvest" to the Guild's gene banks.

EARLY (cont'd)
(to Inara)
Man is stronger by far than woman.
But only woman can create a child.
That seem right to you?
(Heart of Gold)

This would tie in with the way the Council manipulates and exploits Slayers on Buffy. Remember how we found out in S7 that the Slayers were created when three male shamans violated a girl by "melding" her with a demon? The strongest girl in the world - created by men to be a powerful puppet. Wouldn't it be ironic if Inara, the symbol of sexual freedom, were a mere puppet?

What kind of story does Joss like? He likes stories in which characters lose what is dear to them. What could be dearer to Inara than her status as a companion? It's who and what she is. In order to create a powerful story for her, Joss would have to tear down the Guild and expose its rotten core, and then we'd get to see how a shaken and uprooted Inara stubbornly digs her toes in and starts to rebuild herself - without the Guild.

What do you think? Am I out on a limb here?
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Firefly - Jayne & Book - PG - Spoilers for Serenity
For [ profile] inlovewithnight
(Sorry, [ profile] stakebait, I'm still trying to do yours, I just ran into a complete roadblock with that pairing, and the Spike/Lindsey drabble mutated into a genuine plot bunny...)

Rosemary is for Rememberence )
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Not one of my best drabbles ever, but the whole virus business has me on edge. I hope you'll like it anyway.

Firefly - Mal/Inara - PG - Set after the show but before the movie
For [ profile] kate74

Subtle )
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Had to change the drabble sequence around a bit, because my Spethan drabble refuses to cooperate and we have guests today. No time for writing until tonight...

Firefly - Jayne & Simon - PG13 - warning: character death - spoilers for Serenity
For [ profile] herself_nyc

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Firefly - Jayne/River - R - spoilers for Serenity
for [ profile] soundingsea

The Eyes of the Beholden )
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I uploaded a few photographs to this gallery, pictures that we took of Joss, Summer, and Nathan during the Q & A that followed the screening. No spoilers. Also a pic of Mr. E and myself, Redangel (a vidder friend, here dressed like Kaylee), and my friend S. (very Inara-ish).
It's the first time I've used the gallery function. I should probably tinker with the images, make them smaller and faster to load, but I have too many other things on my plate right now.
(And isn't Nathan's grin on the third pic just adorable?)
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Braunschweig Lions - 31 : 28 - Hamburg Blue Devils.
Yes! About time too. The last time I saw the Lions in a German Bowl final they threw their victory away during the last two minutes of the game.
There were also fireworks. I looove fireworks.
Friends gave us the tickets for my birthday. Great present!

We also saw Serenity (and Joss, Nathan, and Summer) on Friday. We dressed up and we took pictures. I hope to write a quick report tomorrow.
Today I have friends coming for lunch and then we'll go to a baby bazar, where they sell 2nd hand kids clothing. Keep your fingers crossed that I manage to get a few sweaters for Tina. I can't afford buying her anything new and she's outgrown practically all her clothes....
Mr. E has hard shoes now. Haven't seen him dance with them yet. Tina gets hers today. I guess I can look forward to a lot of noisy practicing in this house.
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I just read an exerpt from the Firefly novelization "Serenity" by Keith R. A. deCandido - it's a novelization of the movie, but the exerpt describes the Battle of Serenity Valley sequence that opened the two-part pilot of the show, "Serenity". And what can I say, the exerpt reads well.
I wasn't terribly eager to buy an official Firefly book since I have a low opinion of the Buffy tie-in line, but this one looks like I might buy it...
If you want to read fora yourself, follow the link, then go to the Browncoat site. The exerpt is listed under Browncoats blog, second item.
Serenity: The Official Movie Website


Jul. 30th, 2005 11:34 am
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Oh god oh god oh god. I just watched the new Serenity trailer over at - which is old news for just about everybody, since you lucky US devils saw the movie already - well, most of you anyway. *weeps with envy* Would you believe that Serenity is scheduled for November 24th? *weeps some more*
I think I will have to make a pilgrimage to Holland for it. They get it much sooner. And in English. In Germany, all movies get dubbed. Baaaah. I don't want to see Serenity in a crippled, dubbed version. No way. Actually, I think I'll ask the movie theatre if they're planning on showing the OV too....
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Squeeeeee! The trailer is out the trailer is out the trailer is out! It can be found here:
Serenity: The Official Movie Website

*cough* there are, unfortunately, spoilers in the trailer, as usual these days. Why is it that all theatrical trailers tell you too much about the movie? I hate it when they spoil surprises. Anyway, the trailer rocks, Serenity rocks... Can't wait!

ETA: Wow, all over my flist people are squeeing. LOL.
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Finally finished! Not my best work, fluff just isn't really my thing and my muse has been off-kilter lately, but I guess it's ok.

Very very late Valentine Fluff-ficathon Firefly thingie Part 3/3:

Mal/Inara - PG-15 - post-Objects in Space prompt: het, fruit - for [ profile] kurukami. thank you for your patience, dear. Oh, and I upped the rating to PG15 - better safe than sorry.

The complete and beta'd story is archived here.
Many thanks to Sangpassionne aka Josey for betaing this.

Cherries - Pt 3 )
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I haven't seen my usual beta online for several days, so I'm posting this unbeta'd. Sorry. I hope there are not too many mistakes in this. Hopefully the third and last part of this will be posted tomorrow. :-) Man, I need a more generic Firefly icon....

Sucky and very very late Valentine Fluff-ficathon Firefly thingie Part 2/3:

Mal/Inara - PG-13 - post-Objects in Space prompt: het, fruit - for [ profile] kurukami (sorry, I meant to finish this today but RL suckage just struck. I can't make any promises right now....)

Part 1

Cherries - Pt 2 )
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Does anybody know if there's a decently organized research site for Firefly sowmewhere? With a Firefly glossary? My memory sucks when it comes to the Firefly universe. Heck, I used 'order' when I meant 'guild' in my Mal/Inara fic. I'm working on the conclusion to Cherries right now because it looks like the easiest and shortest of my WIPs. Getting it out of the way should free me to tinker with the promised Spike/Giles ficlet for [ profile] astarte99 and my post-NFA fic...

Anyway, I have a few Firefly related questions that maybe you can help me with:
- is there a site that lists all the info we have about the companions? I watched Heart of Gold again and took notes, but I don't remember any references from the other epis.
- Have we ever seen a character smoke cigarettes or cigars?
- How is the universe exactly structured? Has anyone ever found some kind of map or diagram? The cortex are the inner Alliance worlds, right? And the outer Rim is the part of the known universe where only few humans have gone and where people are still (un)happily terraforming, right?
- Why the hell aren't there any nice nifty booklets with maps and photos on the market?

I hate my bad memory. I really do. I've been using my new Eurocheque card since the beginning of this year. I have a four digit number with which to draw out cash. I looked at the slip, memorized the number and never had problems using it until yesterday, when the number was wiped from my memory. Completely. I started guessing, typed in two wrong numbers. Today I thought I remembered and tried it in my local supermarket. Nope, wrong number, and now my card is disabled. I used that card at least twenty times successfully and suddenly I can't remember the friggin' number. I hate my bad memory. Baaah.
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Sucky Valentine Fluff-ficathon Firefly thingie Part one

Mal/Inara - PG-13 - post-Objects in Space prompt: het, fruit - for [ profile] kurukami
Sorry, unbeta'd. Second half will hopefully follow soon.

Cherries )
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A tiny weenie birthday drabble: Firefly - Jayne & River - can't think of a decent title right now. My Jayne voice sucks, I really shouldn't try dialect, but hey, it's also a gift horse for [ profile] soundingsea, so maybe she won't look too closely? Happy birthday, dear!

* * *


If the Cap'n and Zoë wanna cuss a few heads, hell, why not? But defending the gorram browncoat honor ain't what Jayne signed up for. Jayne's about to say as much, when gaga-girl is thrust into his arms.

"Take her back to the ship," Cap'n says, and then he and Zoë start throwing mugs and chairs. Jayne wraps one arm round River's waist and carries her off. She doesn't struggle, just holds on. Light as a feather. "Lose her and you'll breathe vacuum," she says, sounding like Mal.

"Ain't gonna lose you."

She smiles, looking ever so pretty. "I know."
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This has got to be the most cryptic thing I've ever written. I can't quite make up my mind if this is good or bad. The scene has two layers of interpretation, depending on whether River really sees more than other people do.

TITLE: Knaves And Forks
FANDOM: Firefly
RATING: PG-13 (not that I think you can make any sense of this if you're only 13)
PAIRING: Jayne/Simon (slash); River
SUMMARY: River sees more than others.
DEDICATION: for [ profile] rabid_x

Knaves and Forks )
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Tadaaaa! My first Firefly fic is a slashy Jayne drabble for [ profile] essene - Happy Birthday, Calla! Okay, it's slightly longer than 100 words and I just couldn't cut it... Oh well. But it's my first Firefly fic. Ever! *Pop* goes my cherry.
Thanks to [ profile] sangpassionne for suggesting the title.

Real Men Don't
Jayne - slash - PG-13

On the Outer Rim, a boy gets caught oogling another guy's ass, his pa will grab a belt and give him the thrashing of a lifetime. Real men stick it to them girls, not to each other.

You grow up and someone catches you checking out a guy's ass? It's tsai chien - you pack your kit, and board a ship to another moon. Cuz with rumor traveling faster than a horse's hoof, there ain't enough bullets in the gorram Cortex to keep folks from laughin' in yer face.

Serenity ain't the Outer Rim. So maybe one of these days someone might just catch Jayne Cobb take an eyeful.


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