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Holy Freakazoid!

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I'm not sure if the new LJ rules are going to affect me. Appartently they are limiting the amounts of posts one can produce per day: posts, not comments.
But I do wonder if it counts as more than one post if I edit something I've previously written.

So, how's my fanfiction going?

Yesterday I finished a little PWP for [ profile] ladycat777 called Pandora's Closet (yeah, Spike/Xander, what else is new). And what am I doing today? Making it longer? I need to get my head examined.

At least Marcee seems to be working on Things Present - Things Past. She asked me a few questions but I haven't seen the results of her endeavours yet. It would be nice to get this one finished. I just hope she gives me something to work with soon. Especially since Perdition is a little recalcitrant right now.
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I was so prepared to hate this (I accidentally got spoiled for the episode), because I hate the kind of plot device where you get the rug pulled out from underneath your feet, but I ended up thoroughly enjoying the episode. Go figure.
Poor Angel.
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Actually they didn't. But the latest Angel episode Angel 4x09 - Long Days Journey has more than a cursory resemblance to a plot I thought up for a BtVS tie-in novel. Meeeh. So, now if I ever finish that novel and post it (since pocketbook didn't want to buy it) everybody will go: "how lame!"

The episode itself was okay. Last week's was better but this one was interesting enough. I just wish Fred and Gunn would drop dead (They could make Lorne a regualr instead)! I find Amy Acker's voice extremely grating, and Gunn's jealousy tiresome. And watching Wes getting closer to Fred is actually painful. I admit, I am totally subjective in this, but IMHO Lilah and Wes had way more chemistry. Fred has no chemistry with any of the characters. Plus she should put on 10 kilos. She is awful to look at. Maybe she and Connor should go on a road trip and never come back?

Yeah, I know, I'm bitchy, but I don't always have to be witty, insightful and whatnot, ey?

Incidentally, does anybody else think that the PtB should stop messing about and send clearer messages? Visions and prophecies are heavy-handed plot devices at the best of times, little nudges to get the action going, but they also create logical problems: If the powers know what is going to happen and send a vision to intervene, but Angel and the others fail to stop whatever it is they are supposed to stop - shouldn't the powers have foreseen that failure and sent a clearer message. Maybe one with actual info on how to deal with the problem? Or in other words, these visions are a) boring, b) useless, c) raising questions about predestination.

But maybe Angel and the others are already cut off from the powers. Cordy's last visions were memories, not messages from the powers. Too bad she didn't remember them a bit faster. A bit contrived, if you ask me. Plus I thought the dramatic pauses were a bit overdone. Oh, and Angel's sudden insterest in Miss Electric is exactly that: sudden. Ack.

On the plus side the episode had a few good segues. And I still love the character of Angel. Nobody broods better! But whether it's really such a good idea to bring back Angelus (which the ending of this episode seems to suggest) that remains to be seen.

All in all an okay episode. Let's just say I was pleasantly entertained but not dumbstruck with awe.


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