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For years I've suspected that there's something wrong with my thyroid, because my energy always peters out qucikly, and because I barely loose weight when I diet. I had it tested, but the doctor found only a slight imbalance and recommended I use iodine salt. Oookay.
After my pregnancies I found myself becoming less and less self-sufficient. The SAD started to manifest itself and I started to eat St. John's Wort and vitamins and whatnot. Still, I felt that my condition was getting worse. I got therapy for my winter depression, which helped to some degree.

Last week I finally went to see a homeopath. She studied my handwriting, waved a crystal in front of my eyes while muttering strange stuff (which made me apprehensive), and after about 90 minutes she gave me five tiny grains of something salty or other (which actually tasted sweet). I have to cut down on caffeine and all things sulphurous or sour for 4 weeks. The homeopath said that there's something wrong with... yes, you've guessed it: my thyroid. She claims that the pains I have in my ankles and feet are secondary symptoms of my thyroid disorder. Huh. Oookay, who am I to say no to a good placebo.

In any case, that's 35 EUR well spent, because, believe it or not, I actually feel better. Of course it could be the new place, which is bright and airy, always full of oxygen, and it's May, my favorite month. The fact that I'm currently too broke to buy asparagus and strawberries hasn't really dampened my spirits. Neither am I terribly stressed by the fact that I still have oodles of boxes to unpack, and tons of stuff to sell on ebay or give away.
So, either these odd little grains of sodium chloride are actually working, or moving out of our old digs has helped, probably both. In any case, my efficiency is increasing. I feel well. My lesson yesterday was great. Hey, I even phoned my dad today, after putting it off for ages. And I'm coping with the fact that I have no washing machine and no dishwasher *sob*. Even the fact that we got thwacked by an unexpected credit card bill, doesn't blacken my day. Yay!

Keep your fingers crossed that this isn't a fluke or a temporary thing. :-)
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What does it say about me that I feel guilty for spending last night and this morning reading LJ posts? *bangs head on desk*
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I have to write an evaluation of my creative writing course. Read more... )
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I am so behind on just about everything, it's ridiculous. Why is my brain working in slow mo?
I need to
- write progress reports for my students (I finished 2 out of 13)
- outline my scifi novel (haven't even started)
- finish my sooper sekrit project (wrote 5 out of 12-14 scenes)
- work on my fantasy novel (words written this month: approximately 5000...)
- prepare Tina's b-day party (which takes place on Friday)
- read and correct several stories
- organise an open mic for my students
- write a drabble for Mer
- tidy up the cellar
- prepare Wednesday's English class
- put three IKEA bags full of folded laundry into the wardrobes
- fold even more laundry
- call my dad

The icing on my cake? It's fasting week again. I need to reboot my body, I need to wean it off those nasty tortilla chips, crisps, and whatnot and go back to dark bread, lean luncheon meats, and pasta sauces without cheese. I have to lose weight because every time after dance practice my feet are killing me. When you're hopping on one leg, trying to dance with a jaunty sprig, every kilo counts. Believe me, I've been 6 kilos lighter than what I'm now, and it makes a huge difference. Don't worry, I fast about once or twice a year, usually in summer, because I always feel so frigging cold when I don't eat.


PS: Don't be mad if I don't have time to read your LJs. I miss you guys, miss reading your stories and discussions and your real life stuff, but lately I feel like my brain is full. It takes me ages to drum new knowledge into my head. Please don't think I'm indifferent. I'm just... not working on all thrusters, is all. *sigh*

Right, I better go to bed. I gotta get up in... uh... five and a half hours. *yawn*

Oh, and I want a new epi of Supernatural now, now, now.
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My SAD is in full swing. I could axe murder the entire family - and I'm only half joking. I'm in the kind of mood where one ends up hurling expensive fragile items against walls and such. Maybe it's the aftereffect of yesterday's stormy weather, because if it's storming outside, my temper flares too.
I tidied up. Sorted through papers. Hubby did the easy stuff like swing the hoover. The kids didn't help, they never do. They only love me when I make things nice for them and cook stuff they like, they hate me when I tell them to tidy up or take the trash to the recycling containers.
Won't post today. Everything I wrote today sucks.
Husband has to dance tonight, Celtic Christmas in Wolfenb├╝ttel - the most important gig of the year for our Dance Club. I am supposed to go with and cheer and applaud and take pictures. Right now I'd rather go and watch King Kong in the hopes that there's a nice destructorama in that movie. *sigh*


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