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The familiy is off to Stuttgart to dance in a competition. Yay! I grabbed the opportunity to get my nails done, eat out at the steakhouse and spend a free movie ticket on Life of Pi.
Have to say the steak was expensive but not very good. When I order a large rumpsteak I don't expect about a third of the steak to consist of fat. I know, rumpsteaks come with fat on one side, but this one had fat on three. :( And I had been looking forward to my steak for weeks!
Luckily, Life of Pi was worth watching. I never knew what would happen next - which is a rare treat. Beautiful cinematography, very clever story with a neat twist that I honestly didn't see coming, but which made total sense with hindsight. Also, Depardieu's brief cameo was brilliant. Gee, he was revolting! I have a few issues with some of the dialogue which sometimes sounded pompous, but that may have been the synchronization.
We had a really mild day today, even some sunshine. The city was packed with people. Everybody seemed so happy that finally the snow is gone...

As for the rest of the weekend... well, some Fringe, some tidying up, and, hopefully some writing tomorrow. :)


Jun. 5th, 2012 07:28 pm
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A friend of mine is looking for a good short short story about racial discrimination in England or Australia for an exam in her A-levels group. I haven't really read that many (non sci-fi) short stories, so I thought I'd check out all the learned people on LJ. :) If you could help out, I'd be much obliged. :)

Haven't written for about a week since we are currently redecorating/reorganizing our home. We inherited some furniture from my aunty and decided to get rid of some of our old shelves to make room for it. Now all rooms look like a warzone... oh well, at least it's a great opportunity to chuck out books, comic books and board games that we no longer need.


Dec. 5th, 2011 02:14 pm
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No new drabble today. I'm on sick leave. I'm hiding under my duvet and waiting for this blasted cold to go away.
Brain is all fuzzy.

Do you sometimes have a chunk in a story that you know doesn't work there, but that you're reluctant to throw out? *sigh* I find throwing things away extremely hard. Must be because my gran brought me up. She couldn't throw stuff away, either. Probably because of WW2 and because she lost her daugher at such a young age. Remarkable, how we are shaped by the past....

*blows nose*
*crawls back under the covers*


Dec. 2nd, 2011 03:20 pm
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It's Friday. Finally. And you know what? I am so tired I trip over my own feet. The last time I used a Friday afternoon for a recuperating nap, I slept from 3 to 6 and needed about 2 hours after that to properly wake up. And I screwed up my inner clock. So maybe I shouldn't try that again.
So, how do I kickstart my batteries (sorry about the mixed metaphor)? *headdesk*
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So, yesterday the rest of the family drove to Holland to dance in a feis (an Irish dance competition). And the plan was for me to write write write all weekend....

What did I end up doing? I shopped till I dropped and spent hours wrapping gifts, tidying up, getting the Xmas decorations up, and making advent calendars for the girls (various favoured chocolates for most days, but there are also a few smallish gifts on the advent Sundays and a very expansive (but pretty) creativity set so they can create stylish and pretty pictures as gifts for auntie and others. *sigh*

I got a lot of shopping done, but the speed with which my November wages disappeared was both staggering and disheartening. Most of you guys know already, that December is always a financial catastrophe, since it's also hubby's b-day on the 25th and Tina's on the 28th. *sigh*

Luckily, I will work more hours as of December. Too bad, most of my raise will be eaten up by taxes. But still, even a little extra money will help.

I keep clicking on Mininova, to see if there's a torrent for Merlin. I could do with a bit of Merlin/Arthurs subtexty goodness. :-)
Actually, I wouldn't mind reading a bit of fanfic, but I have no idea if anyone on my flist is even interested in the show... If you are and if you could point me towards a nice slashy or subtexty fic, I would be very happy. I mean, come on, surely I'm not the only one who thinks that Arthur is really pretty.... ;-)
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Every year, at the beginning of May, there is a Highland Gathering in Peine, a little town, just a thirty minute drive from Braunschweig. For a whole weekend, the air is full of pipe music and smoke from all the BBQ fires, and Scots and Germans march around in kilts, playing pipe music or just having a good time. Tons of grilled sausages and steaks and french fries get washed down by gallons of beer. There are stalls selling pretty celtic jewellry or scented oils, or dozens of different Whiskeys, stalls selling semi-precious stones, crafts stalls, activities for kids, stalls selling Oreos and PG tips, HP sauce and Cadbury's milk chocolate (at staggering prices). And there are dance performances.

Our Irish dance club always performs there. In fact, we have faithful fans, who arrive early just to get a good view. Every year, our dancers are better than the year before. This weekend my little one, Viktoria, had her first hard-shoe performance. And Tina (who likes to be called "Katze" these days, i.e. Cat) danced really really well and smiled. I almost exploded with pride.

For some weird reason, this first weekend in May is usually sunny and bright. Yesterday's weather was picturebook perfect. Sunny with a slight breeze.

What makes this perfect weekend even better, is the fact that some of the dancers' parents got together to form two tug-of-war teams. :-)  Okay, so we didn't practice beforehand, and there weren't many teams competing, and mixed teams had to compete against men's teams, and I had to help out the men's team twice because there were only 7 of them and you need 8 men, and we got annihilated by the favourites, but hey, at the end of the day, our mixed team, with yours truly in it, made first place among the mixed teams. Meaning we got a case full of beer and a little trophy. Hurrah!!! We also got a couple of purple bruises, but hey, who cares? *is happy*

Other good stuff: I got to chat a little with [profile] itsabigrock, whom I hadn't seen online in aaages. I guess I should turn on my instant messenger a little bit more often, because I really enjoy talking to old friends. :-)
*sends happy thoughts*

ETA: Here's a photo album with pictures of the 10th Peine Highland Gathering. And yes, I'm in the tug of war picture. :-) I'm the fourth on the dark-blue side. The white-and-blue fellows probably could have won even with their arms tied behind their backs. They won the tournament, without breaking a sweat. :-)

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I know, I know, it's been a while since I last updated this journal. People are defriending me, and I can't blame them, after all, I'm not really around. I often think of my lj with longing, the kind of longing that you feel for a place where you had a wonderful vacation. And you tell yourself, that one day you'll go back there. Can't say if this post means that I am back. I want to find the time to read your posts and find out what you guys have been up to, but what I want and what really happens are usually two different things.

A lot of things have happened since I last posted. Just before Christmas, Mr. E and the girls had another big dance performance. Take a peek. Katharina is the long-haired girl on the right. Unfortunately I can't link you to a clip with Mr. E or Viktoria in it. Our dance teacher never allows us to upload clips to Youtube, because she always spots flaws in the performance.

Some of you know that our Decembers are always frightfully busy and stressful because Mr. E and daughter #1 both celebrate their birthdays just after Christmas. Mr. E helps with the preparations, he'll hoover or do the shopping if I write the list, but he doesn't help me with the planning or the who-gets-what-for-Christmas question. Also, Decembers are always a frightful strain on the budget. And, last not least, my slightly high maintanance great-auntie stayed with us for a few days. But, she's my last surviving relative, and in spite of everything I really love the old girl.

But several things cheered me up: [profile] xanpet2000 and [profile] shatten sent me  Christmas cards - THANK YOU! You really brightened my day. Also, Mr. E's sister invited us all to Dortmund for a long overdue family get-together on the 26th. Nice, albeit a little boring.

All in all, we had a great Christmas: great food, well-behaved kids, nice prezzies. My kids bought me a Build-a-Bear voucher, so I could have my own teddy bear, and hubby bought a voucher so I could buy clothes for him. Plus Mr. E suggested the bear's name: Spike. :-) Other fabulous prezzies included: the complete Sharpe Box, the Blade Runner Box, and a few other DVDs and a few games. A good haul. The kids were happy too, even though we spent less on presents this year. Their excitement mostly revolved around the presents they had made or bought for us. The Christmas highlight: Tina and Viktoria surprised us with a lovely Xmas program of self-taught piano playing, flute playing, poem recital, singing (Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, in English, of course) etc, and then Tina dressed up as Santa. You should have seen her. She had tied a white pair of tights round her face to act as a beard. Hilarious!

On the 28th my poetry book finally arrived in the mail. I had spent weeks editing all my German and English poems and finding the right order for them. Then I uploaded it to, designed the sleeve and ordered 6 copies. They didn't arrive before Christmas, but even so I am pleased with the outcome. I gave one to a former lecturer of mine, the one who first gave me a chance to teach at University, and he was quite overcome. Of course, I spotted a few mistakes in the "first edition", but once those are corrected I will upload it again to lulu, and then I'll put it into the lulu marketplace. Too bad, lulu won't print fanfic, otherwise I'd get Things Present - Things Past printed (at least a few copies for Marcee and myself). Still, lulu is a great site!

New Years Eve saw us celebrating with friends from our dancing club. A lovely little party where the kids were practically invisible, except when hungry, and where the adults played Singstar. :-)

A few days ago I received an Email from the local university, asking whether I'd like to teach another Creative Writing course. The course starts in April. Naturally, I accepted. It's not exactly well-paid, but I enjoy teaching, and it might just pay for a little summer vacation.

It's January now. Yesterday, Katharina finally celebrated her birthday with friends from school. She requested scones and salmon sandwiches, so I made a proper English afternoon tea for the lot, and then herded them to the nearby circus school, where they spent two hours practicing a show of tightrope walking, juggling and whatnot.

And now I'm sitting here, sipping coffee from my lovely Serenity travel cup, contemplating life, the universe and everything. I am playing my favorite CD, a compilation of songs that are supposed to help me write.  The stress is finally wearing off. Mr. E and the kids are off to dance practice, I just reread my Giles/Ethan fic and will now happily tinker with it until the family reappears, later I'll cook dinner with the kids and once they are in bed I'll try to talk Mr. E into watching a movie. Yup. Sounds like a good Sunday.

ETA: Wanna see a new pic of my daughters? Go here.
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Why is it that every time our finances seem to improve some sort of kitchen appliance breaks down?
Our dishwasher was the first appliance to go - it only washes stuff on the bottom level these days. And now our washing machine no longer spins, i.e. the washing is soaking wet when the machine stops. And still soapy.
I've talked about wanting a new kitchen. Our current kitchen (that came with the appartement) is a nightmare from the Seventies, snotgreen and ugly, and one of the four rings on the stove always works on max. But seriously? I have no idea how to finance a new kitchen. The measurements are pretty difficult (with radiator pipes and the window limiting our options. So, we can't just put in standardized kitchen furniture.
Bah. Just sayin.
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Good Stuff

I got a small raise last month. So I finally bought myself a new laptop computer. Nothing fancy, mind you, but one with working batteries that won't overheat and shut down when the word files grow too large. I didn't pay cash but financed it - and the good thing is: the monthly installments amount to exactly the same amount as my raise. Heee.

Bad Stuff

In December 2004 I had two root canal treatments which both ended up inflamed. Last summer,I had surgery on both roots. And now both teeth are inflamed again. Meaning I am going to lose them both. Baah. What annoyes me most is the fact that I spent a lot of money on these procedures and on getting the teeth capped. If I buy a telly and it breaks down shortly afterwards, I can get it replaced at no cost - why can't I get my money back from the dentist who screwed up the initial root canal treatment?

Oh well, maybe it's good if the tooth comes out. Can't be healthy to have such an infection linger for years.

Our dishwashing machine has had it, more or less. We need a new kitchen because the old one that came with this appartment sucks. Alas, we don't have the money for our dream kitchen. We're comparing prices and looking at kitchens, but I don't think we'll actually buy one. *sigh*

Good Stuff

The girls were in the local newspaper. There was a picture of Viktoria and Katharina was mentioned. The article was about their success at the Irish Dance feis (competition) in Wassenaar (Holland). Ok, so the competition was held half a year ago, but still. People took notice. And publicity for our dance club is always appreciated.

Best Stuff (saved for last)

I am working on my play again. Ages ago I started to write a play, a dance adaptation of Cinderella. And then I ran into writer's block. But these past two weeks I started working on it again, and I think I made a breakthrough. I had several good ideas. So, I'm creative again. Yay.
Oh, and I wrote a new poem. Double yay!
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The girls have a new addiction: Build-a-Bear teddy bears (a shop just opened in our new fancy shopping mall). The girls spend all their pocket money on bears and bear clothing. Can't blame them. The bears are really cute. But the stuff is pretty expensive. I just checked out their website. The prices are roughly the same in Germany and the US, except we pay the same amount in EUR instead of dollars. Also, the US shops have a much better selection. There is even an Irish Dance outfit. And the Buzz Lightyear outfit... we don't have those here. :-(

Anyway, we now have way too many bears in our home. I told the girls that some of the other soft toys will have to make way for the new ones. Of course, all my old childhood soft toys will have to stay. And my two Star Trek teddies? Would never part with them!

I love teddies. ;-)

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So. I watched a lot of TV lately: Veronica Mars episodes 19 and 20. CSI 7x24, Supernatural 2x22... I'll put my thoughts behind the cut because they are utterly spoilery: )

Soon The Dead Zone will return. And I can look forward to several Doctor Who epis (I only watched up to Epi 5. Did anyone else think that "The Shakespeare Code" rocked? I've shown that epi to half a dozen people and they were all hooked. Strike!

Oh, and there's one not TV-related thing I'd like to mention. After a trial period of 6 months my company has hired me. I now have lay-off protection. I still enjoy my job and I like the collegues. But it's not an easy job, it requires great concentration. And it requires me to find English words for items that I couldn't even name in German. Thanks to my job I learnt expressions like "press stud storm flap". Yay me. At my age it's not easy to learn new stuff, and the software we use often drives me crazy, but the bottom line is: work is good. Having a bit of money of my own is good. *smiles*
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Oops, how could I have missed The Dresden Files? Is it any good? No James Marsters in it, alas. *whine* Oh well, I'll give it a try.
I liked the first audio book, but couldn't bring myself to cough up the money for the second. Not with customs on top....

Still not up to speed on VM - so don't spoil me. But I watched all the Rome episodes that aired so far. What a brilliant show!

Time sure flies when you're sick. I've had a nasty bronchitis for over a week; my GP told me to get plenty of rest, so I spent the last two days on the sofa, playing Final Fantasy XII, which is the prettiest RPG I've ever seen. Every now and then I just feezeframe the image and admire the wonderful poses of my brave warriors from all angles. The story is great and the English voices are brilliant. Gives me a bit of a dejá vu, though, because the story and characters seem to be obliquely inspired by the Star Wars characters (with a princess and a Han Solo-like Skypirate, and a young blond skypiratewannabe - only Chewie has been turned into a sexy something resembling a playboy bunny...) - even though the visuals are quite different and often unique. Marvellous landscapes. Much better than the truly dradful and dull Final Fantasy movies. *shudder* Plus, it's possible to program one's characters, so you don't have to do the routine healing spells manually. Excellent stuff.

Just spent the money I'd intended to spend on a creative writing convention on a shiny new bicycle for Tina instead. Her old bike got stolen. I suppose I could have waited another month, but in May, the 4th graders will have to pass the cycling exam, otherwise they won't be allowed to ride their bikes to school. I'd like Tina to get some practice with the new bike prior to the exam. If Tina gets into the school that we picked for her, she'll have to go by bike every day... *sniff* I'd have loved to go to the convention. It takes place in Wolfenbüttel, i.e. practically round the corner...
Right, so that's what I've been up to: nothing exciting. :-/
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... when you go to work.
I have been working for two and a half months now. I had a talk with my boss two weeks ago where he told me that they are satisfied with the way I'm blending in. He called me "flexible". Yay!

I haven't written a thing these past 6 weeks - well, not true, I wrote a poem, but that doesn't really count.
I started teaching creative writing again - in German, this time. My pupils are some of the kids at Katharina's school. It's just one hour per week, but it's an interesting experience. The kids usually get a choice of extracurricular activities, like dancing, theatre class or a cooking course. A few weeks ago, one of the teachers had an accident, so I stepped in. Our primary school is suffering from lack of funding and excess bureaucracy - and with several teachers sick/injured they barely manage to cover the curricular hours. Mr. E is therefore offering an Irish Dance course and I am offering creative writing. Katharina is in my class, which is odd. But she's very talented. She wrote a few lovely poems last week.

Right, what else is new?
I haven't read LJ in weeks. I don't even know if Marcee has had her baby yet. I'm a bad friend. *hangs head in shame*
The days are just too short - and I'm always tired and anti-social in the evenings.
I watch my shows like Rome (holy moly, Verenus is scary!), Supernatural (it lost its lustre a little, but still pretty), Veronica Mars (fun) and House (both fascinating and icky) - but most of the time I don't feel like talking to anyone, not even online. Weird. Maybe hormones? Dunno why I'm so anti-social.

I read more. I just finished Diana Galbadon's first Outlander book - and found it dreadful. In fact, it felt very Mary Sueish. It's a page turner in an annoying kind of way. Bodice ripper crap - except that it's the male hero who's abused, tortured, and raped. And boy, the woman really loves her adjectives. Won't read the sequels. If I want another historic page turner I'll go with Rebbecca Gablé.

I also read Erasing Sherlock Holmes by [ profile] lordshiva - a lot more satisfying and clever than the aforementioned book. Both books are time-traveling stories, but one is conventional, formulaic and strangely repetitive, while the other is original, smart, and often funny. I should write a longer review, but my cold is killing me and I have to get up early tomorrow to dress the kids in fancy dress and to make food for the big school carneval party. *sigh*

Oh well, at least I finally updated my journal. *waves at flist*
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Just had a phone call. The job offer is in the mail. Whooohooo! *fends off sudden bout of self-doubt* My future boss said they are hiring me for my language skills.
Unless there are some nasty surprises in my contract I shall start work on 4th December. I'll work 15 hours a week - afternoons unfortunately. Which means the kids will have to get used to doing their homework without my supervision.
The job entails extracting info from catalogue texts and typing them into a database. Complicated, they told me. But it won't require me to be creative, which is good, because it will be nice to have a job that you can turn off at the end of your shift.

Tomorrow I have to hand in the big fat translation-of-doom. I am almost done (or at least the first draft is), but my co-worker just dumped a few more pages in my lap, just when I'd arrived at the last page. Oh well, she's writing her master thesis, has to hand it in on Tuesday. If I were her, I'd have had three point four nervous breakdowns already. Incidentally, the English text we're translating into German was written by non-native speakers; it is riddled with weird grammar, devoid of punctuation and often just incomprehensible. Joy!

Oh, and tomorrow I teach my Creative Writing Class. Have I prepared tomorrow's handouts? Nope.

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Good Stuff:
I'm in Berlin, yay!
On Monday Mr. E and I took the kids to the Berlin zoo to see the panda bears and polar bears. It was a great day trip. Afterwards, the family drove back to Braunschweig, while I stayed behind. Hurrah!
Being in Berlin on my own, without the family, is great. No demands, no tidying up after everyone. No one who needs meals cooked. It feels like having Free Will back - with capital letters. I'm staying with our friend L. He invited me out to a very therapeutic sushi last night and to PotC2 and Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Yay! I'd seen PotC2 before, albeit in German, and was pleased that I enjoyed it just as much the second time round. I know the reviews were mixed, but I like part 2 a lot. cut for spoilers ) F&F3 was not the kind of movie I normally see, but it was okay. Too many cars, and let's not talk about the characterisation of the females, but I decided not to look the gift horse in the mouth, and fun was had.
Tomorrow I'm meeting [ profile] drc1. I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about.
A friend lent me his first season of CSI - and I enjoyed it a lot, mostly because I find Gil Grissom adorable. I look forward to borrowing the other 4 seasons.
Tomorrow or on Friday, L and I are planning on seeing the new Superman movie. The reiviews aren't overly favourable, but I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy myself. Not sure if that's because I've lowered my standards, or if that's because I'm trying to foster a carpe diem attitude these days.
Every now and then I get feedback for my old stories. It's gratifying to know that people are still reading stories like Things Present - Things Past, and Cues and Balls.
On Saturday, Mr. E, Tina and Toyah are performing live on stage - for the first time together, because Toyah decided very recently that she wants to dance on stage too. Yay Our dance club has a big venue in Wolfenbüttel. If you'd like to see what it looks like you can go here and watch Tina dance a Slip Jig and a Light Jig. Oh, and the other clips are cute as well. Of course, the show on Saturday will be bigger and much more elaborate.

Bad Stuff:
A couple of weeks ago I had an infected root canal on my lower jaw. It good operated, and now it feels fine, but on my upper jaw there's another infection. And the surgeon that I want to see is on holiday until the end of the month. I'm not in pain, but I can feel that the infection is slowly spreading. How can a dentist screw up two root canal treatments at once, hey? Well, at least I have the nagging suspicion that the infections may be responsible for my constantly aching feet. Lately it's gotten so bad that I can no longer go dancing. Which screws with my tempter. *sigh* Having to spend a large chunk of your earnings on medical bills sucks!

So, now you know what I've been up to lately. And now I better get back to my writing. I'm currently poking several of my writing projects with a stick to see whether they still have life in them. Right now, I'm working on my dance play. It would be nice to get something finished.

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Remember me? Yes, I'm still alive. :-)
For several weeks my back has been giving me trouble. I blame having to do the dishes manually. The position of the sink forces me into a slightly twisted stance. Anyway, last week things got a lot worse. I went to my GP, then to an orthopedist, then back to my GP. They couldn't unblock whatever was blocked, but at least my GP wrote me a prescription for a massage/manual therapy. Only, the massage a) was excruciatingly painful, and b) made things worse, or maybe I made things worse, because in spite of my screwed up back I went to work on Thursday and on Friday.Read more... )


Jun. 18th, 2006 09:27 pm
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Another Michael Donnellan workshop lies behind me. Three hours yesterday, three today - with a sore back from the start, which my doctors somehow couldn't fix. A friend gave me a shoulder massage - otherwise I wouldn't have survived today. Right now, my legs are XXS - extra extra sore. If I were a horse, some kind soul would shoot me and put me out of my misery.
Oh well, I learned two Single Jig steps, and two Light Jig steps - badly, but I somehow persevered until the very end. After the last Reel I actually felt like crying, I was so utterly exhausterd... Time for Rice - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation...
Sport ist Mord, as the Germans say...
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For years I've suspected that there's something wrong with my thyroid, because my energy always peters out qucikly, and because I barely loose weight when I diet. I had it tested, but the doctor found only a slight imbalance and recommended I use iodine salt. Oookay.
After my pregnancies I found myself becoming less and less self-sufficient. The SAD started to manifest itself and I started to eat St. John's Wort and vitamins and whatnot. Still, I felt that my condition was getting worse. I got therapy for my winter depression, which helped to some degree.

Last week I finally went to see a homeopath. She studied my handwriting, waved a crystal in front of my eyes while muttering strange stuff (which made me apprehensive), and after about 90 minutes she gave me five tiny grains of something salty or other (which actually tasted sweet). I have to cut down on caffeine and all things sulphurous or sour for 4 weeks. The homeopath said that there's something wrong with... yes, you've guessed it: my thyroid. She claims that the pains I have in my ankles and feet are secondary symptoms of my thyroid disorder. Huh. Oookay, who am I to say no to a good placebo.

In any case, that's 35 EUR well spent, because, believe it or not, I actually feel better. Of course it could be the new place, which is bright and airy, always full of oxygen, and it's May, my favorite month. The fact that I'm currently too broke to buy asparagus and strawberries hasn't really dampened my spirits. Neither am I terribly stressed by the fact that I still have oodles of boxes to unpack, and tons of stuff to sell on ebay or give away.
So, either these odd little grains of sodium chloride are actually working, or moving out of our old digs has helped, probably both. In any case, my efficiency is increasing. I feel well. My lesson yesterday was great. Hey, I even phoned my dad today, after putting it off for ages. And I'm coping with the fact that I have no washing machine and no dishwasher *sob*. Even the fact that we got thwacked by an unexpected credit card bill, doesn't blacken my day. Yay!

Keep your fingers crossed that this isn't a fluke or a temporary thing. :-)
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Aaargh, my HD is full full full. I have no room for the VM finale. My external HD is full as well. I must have missed out on about 6 or 7 epis of various shows because hubby had no time to burn everything on DVD. *whine*

Good news: a local newspaper asked my (ex-)lecturer and mentor if he could write a chapter of their current futuristic novel (which is full of thinly veiled allusions to local politics) and he agreed (because he needs them to advertise our Daniil Pashkoff Prize). He asked me to write it with/for him. I finished the chapter yesterday afternoon. I have no idea when it will be printed, but when it appears online, I'll post the link for all German readers. My name will be mentioned as co-author. Yay!
I'm pleased how the chapter came out. Of course it's rabidly biased against the big ECE shopping mall that's currently being built in the center of town... *g*
I will be in the paper, yay!

Gotta teach the kids today and prep tomorrow's lesson. Right now, I feel bouncy and everything - even though the apartment is full of not-yet-unpacked boxes. It's amazing what a difference genuine sunshine does to me.
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No, I'm neither dead, nor in prison, nor locked up in a convent (you wish)... We're moving. Still.
No cold water in the kitchen = no working dishwasher (Ack!) and no working washing mashine (if you value your sanity, do not, I repeat, do NOT picture the stacks of dirty laundry that are taking over our new place...)
No room for books - at least not for the quantities I'm talking about. Waaah!

Current weather report: migrainy
Current IQ: rabbity
Current state-of-mind: whiney, bordering on "Somebody shoot me please"
Current health: iffy
But I'm finally online again. *kneels and kisses laptop computer*

My new course started last week. I was less than perfect, even though well-prepared. Not enough input/enthusiasm from the class.
Next session: tomorrow.
I hope things will go better - even though my brain can't jump the preparation hurdle right now.
Boy, do I need a nap.
And boy, do I need fanfic to recuperate. Alas, there's no time...



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