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After watching the first season of Veronica Mars, my daughters are ardent Logan/Veronica shippers. *is proud* My eldest said something along the lines of: "Can't wait till I've seen all 3 seasons, so I can write fanfiction." *is even prouder*
Little one (at 12 not quite so little anymore) was so worried about Logan on that bridge that I had to tell her that no, Logan does not jump to his death.
And suddenly I feel mega-nostalgic, remembering the time between S1 and S2 and all the stories dealing with who is outside Veronica's door in that last scene...

And I feel like reading a nice Logan/Veronica post-series fic. So, if anyone has a bookmark saved for such a fic....

Two years ago, I submitted a 100 page text sample of my original vampire novel to a fantasy novel competition. I didn't win, and forgot about the whole thing. Yesterday, the publishing house sent back the manuscript together with the gift of a book and a nice rejection letter saying that they thought long and hard about my text, but that it does not fit into their program. I should continue to write and maybe submit something else. Unfortunately, there was no editor's name under the letter. :( And I read in a forum that someone else received such a letter - in February. Very odd. They had 1400 entries. I doubt Random House mailed out 1400 boooks, so I'll take it as a compliment.... :)
Unfortunately, my muse is still gone. I seem to have misplaced my passion or writing. I feel like an amputee, I can still feel a ghost or shadow of that old passion, but it's not real enough to do something with. Okay, so I tinker with my Giles/Ethan fanfic, but how many times can you rewrite a scene? 50 times? And if I were to finish the next chapter... would I even find a beta to look at a story that hasn't been updated in years? *sigh*
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So. I watched a lot of TV lately: Veronica Mars episodes 19 and 20. CSI 7x24, Supernatural 2x22... I'll put my thoughts behind the cut because they are utterly spoilery: )

Soon The Dead Zone will return. And I can look forward to several Doctor Who epis (I only watched up to Epi 5. Did anyone else think that "The Shakespeare Code" rocked? I've shown that epi to half a dozen people and they were all hooked. Strike!

Oh, and there's one not TV-related thing I'd like to mention. After a trial period of 6 months my company has hired me. I now have lay-off protection. I still enjoy my job and I like the collegues. But it's not an easy job, it requires great concentration. And it requires me to find English words for items that I couldn't even name in German. Thanks to my job I learnt expressions like "press stud storm flap". Yay me. At my age it's not easy to learn new stuff, and the software we use often drives me crazy, but the bottom line is: work is good. Having a bit of money of my own is good. *smiles*
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We used to do these top fives all the time, way back when we still had Joss Whedon shows airing at regular intervals, back then when we used to sneak a peek at AICN or the spoilerslayer to find out whether the rat would be turned back into Amy (she did) or whether Miss Kitty would reappear (she didn't). Sometimes I feel tempted to find out what's in store for us, but luckily Hercules no longer lists spoilers for VM. I can watch the epis unspoiled. *sigh*

Anyway, enough with the nostalgia. Give me your top five Veronica Mars moments. Which scenes made you sniffle, which made you grin, gasp or squee? Come on, tell me. You'll find my selection under the cut )
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This morning, when I left the house to do the grocery shopping, I slipped on a sheet of ice and fell. I was lucky, I have no visible bruises, but my left leg and arm feel like I pulled a muscle. That is particularly unwelcome since Thursday's dance practice left me limping and in great pain. *sigh* I don't like feeling old and fragile and sore all the time.

I taught a 6-hour prose workshop today. Basically, I combined a few exercises and prompts into a coherent exercise. The embarrassing thing is: I tried to write my own assignment and failed miserably. Too much pressure. But the "students" did well and they enjoyed the workshop.
Read more... )
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Ack, I still haven't managed to catch up on my drabbles. I'm trying, though.
Here's one I wrote for everybody who goes awww, when Logan becomes teary-eyed. Including me. God, I'm such a sap.

Veronica Mars - Logan - PG13 - angst, set during Christmas 2006

How the Others Live )
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My printer ran out of ink. Thank god. Otherwise I might have considered producing even more handouts for my students. I think I'm going over the top with my 45 pages in 8 sessions... But now that I can't print anything out I can relax and just scribble a few notes on my post-its.
Ursula K. leGuin's Steering the Craft turned out to be a very interesting read with a handful of very useful exercises. I find her tone condescending, and I would have liked to see more modern examples, but on the whole the book is worth reading. I find 15 bucks a little expensive for such a slim book. I read the University's copy. I may order one for myself eventually, or I may just do the evil thing and photocopy it. If I photocopy, I feel more inclined to mark certain sections...

I watched House 2.09 and Bones 1.02 today. I'm not going to give a lot away, but I guess I better use spoiler cuts anyway. Snippety-snip )
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Veronica Mars - Logan - PG13 - set during 2.09
For [ profile] marcee12

Rage )
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Awwwwwww. *sniff*
I love that show. VM Episode 10 had a few wonderful moments. I was going to post a Spike/Ethan drabble as today's advent drabble, but I'm moving a VM drabble up to fill today's spot. No more VM epis this year. *whine* I never thought I'd say this, but Duncan has grown on me. Keith rocks anyway, and Veronica is always a pleasure to watch. But only Logan can make me go awwwww. I'd find him intolerable in real life, but on screen he's wonderful. Oh, and Weevil also rocks.
Has anyone got the first season on DVD? What are the specials like? Is the set worth buying?

Oh, and does anyone know what the song was that played during the Logan - Keith scene in epi 10?

Oh, and I'd kill for a Logan icon where he sits on the sofa watching that tape. Awwwww.

What is the best resource site for anyone interested in writing VM fanfic. Is there a dialogue database?

Yesterday the English Seminar hosted a Xmas party. Why do I always feel out of place in official settings? I met the new department head. Not sure if I made such a good impression. In my head, I still feel like a student...

Got one of my students addicted to Firefly. Strike! The rest of the bunch has not acted on my Serenity recommendation. *shakes head*
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Veronica Mars - Weevil - PG - spoilers for 2x05
for [ profile] marcee12

Crossroads )
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Here's what I think about 2x03 and 2x04 - Spoilers )
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I don't want to be spilery regarding Veronica Mars 2x01. Let's just say that things didn't quite turn out the way I'd hoped. And that I'm tempted to work on that fic that I started. *bangs head on desk*

A few spoilery thoughts on Veronica Mars 2x01 follow behind the cut )
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Okay, so we watched the entire first season of Veronica Mars again. Boy, I can't wait for the new season to open. I can't stop wondering who Veronica's caller was at the end of 1x22. I really hope they clear that question up in 2x01, because the suspense is killing me. Hubby and I and my best RL friend, we're all biting our nails, craving more Veronica, more Logan, more Weevil, more Keith, and we look forward to hating Celeste again... Heck, this morning I found myself jotting down lines of dialogue. Which is bad, because I have no time to write VM fanfic. Nope. Not even mildly slashy Weevil/Logan h/c. Tomorrow I will be Jossed anyway, so there's no need for any what-happens-on-that-bridge-between-Logan-and-Weevil fics. Nope. *looks determined*

Besides, I still have to write my second concrit.


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